Sevylor Inflatable River Xk2 Kayak: White Water Wonder

A Versatile White Water Wonder – Sevylor Inflatable XK1 Kayak.

Can you imagine the thrill of whitewater kayaking? You’re sitting in an inflatable kayak, alone in the wilderness. In front of you lies a large river, with the waters rushing along. You know that downstream lies some awesome whitewater rapids and, today, you plan to conquer those rapids. You inflate your craft, load your gear into it and away you go. Can you feel the wind on your face? Can you see the water splashing up the sides of the kayak as you traverse the river approaching the rapids? Do you feel the excitement building as you look ahead at the bubbling and frothy water in the distance?

If this scenario is familiar, or if it is one that you would like to become familiar, then take a closer look at this Sevylor Inflatable Kayak Review.

Sevylor Inflatable Kayak features and benefits:

Sevylor Inflatable Kayak rocks!

  • Strong, lightweight whitewater kayak that performs well
  • Roomy enough to accommodate one rider, lots of gear
  • Constructed of durable, puncture resistant Sevylor composite
  • Maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds
  • Dimensions: 10 ft 4 in long x 32 in beam
  • Product weight: 22.5 pounds
  • Includes 1 seat, 1 foot rest, special high pressure foot pump, pressure gauge, & nylon bag for carrying
  • Constructed with removable drop stitch floor, inflatable to up to 7 PSI, makes kayak more rigid. More rigidity provides better performance.
  • Constructed 1000 denier fabric reinforced material, inflated to a maximum of 3 PSI for more firmness. This makes the craft very light.
  • Directional strakes mounted on the bottom, allow for better tracking in flat water conditions.
  • Four (4) star Amazon reviews

Versatile Kayaking

Sevylor Inflatable River XK2 Kayak – white water

This amazing 1 person inflatable boat will provide thrills that will satisfy even the most daring rider while at the same time can permit a more stately and serene experience if desired. It can has the features that the most extreme kayakers seek but also can be maneuvered quite nicely in flat, calm waters.

Fits the Original Meaning of Kayak

Did you know that the original translation for the word “kayak” meant “hunter’s boat”? This sea kayak certainly lives up to its name when you consider that you can take it out for your day’s catch (either before or after slicing through those rapids we were talking about earlier) or you can hunt for hidden or hard to access water ways or even some secrets spots.

This Sevylor inflatable boat even comes equipped with a fanny/pack drink holder that is attached to the back of the seat. This fanny pack can be removed if you decide you want to take a walk along the beach or investigate some hidden trails. Just imagine some of the interesting wildlife or plant life you might find on one of these treks!

Sevylor Inflatable Kayak

With 4 star Amazon reviews, this compact and economical Coleman, 1 person sea kayak is a versatile craft that is ruggedly and durably constructed to give you many years of dependable excitement and fun. So, I ask you…aren’t there some whitewater rapids you need to conquer? Aren’t there some backwater or hard to reach areas that you would love to check out? Maybe a closer look at the Sevylor Inflatable River Xk2 Kayak might be in order!

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