O’Brien HURLER – It Gives the Term “Hurl” New Meaning

Are you and your family looking for new thrills to add to your fun in the sun? Are you looking for an inflatable towable that will provide a ride on the wild side – one that separates the weak from the strong? Allow me to introduce you to the O’Brien Hurler/Barf Ball Tow Tube. Let’s take a closer look at this amazing inflatable sphere- shaped tube.

Obrien Hurler 1 Rider Towable Tube

O’Brien Hurler 1 Rider Towable InflatableTube

Product Features and Specifications:

• It is constructed of heavy duty K80/28 gauge PVC
• It is designed for one person occupancy
• It inflates and deflates fast with a Boston tube air valve
• It has a quick connect tow hook
• Three handles are designed for multiple riding positions inside the sphere
• Inflates to a full 60 inches in diameter

Feel the Excitement!

Let your imagination run wild for just a minute

Picture yourself climbing into the fully inflated O’Brien single rider tube. The boat motor revs and begins to pull away from the towable tube with you inside. The rope stretches tightly and your tube begins to move along in the water behind the boat. Suddenly, the wake from the boat begins to tumble and toss the inflated sphere from side to side as it bounces along behind the boat. As the boat pick up speed, the momentum increases the movement of the sphere on the water. Before you know it, you are rolling, tossing and bouncing, experiencing the ride of your life. The PVC fabric construction is mostly clear, so not only are you getting a thrilling ride but you can see the world as it tosses and turns upside down and from side to side. All you can do is hang on and enjoy the ride.

Does this sound like something the thrill seeker in your family (or in you) could handle? Do you think you could shift your weight inside the sphere and gain any control at all over the movement of the inflated towable sphere? Are you game to try? This ride is not for the faint of heart but, instead, promises to give you a ride you will not soon forget. How many members of your family or how many of your friends would be game to try a competition for the person to gain the best control of the moving sphere?

This exceptional single rider, inflatable tube is made by O’Brien and carries a 12 month warranty as well as the strong, sturdy and reliable O’Brien reputation. They have always focused on providing their customers with quality, well-made towable tube products that will provide many hours of fun in the sun for many years to come. They strive to design products that will provide fun for the whole family as well as those for the strong of heart, adventure seeker. And, they do all of this in an affordable price range for growing families.

Are you ready for one of the most spectacular rides of your life?

YouTube Preview Image

The O’Brien Barf Ball Inflatable Towable will give you all of that and more. Does it get any better than that? I think not!

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