“Sound Off” on Humminbird 788ci 5″ Waterproof Marine GPS & Chartplotter with Sonar

Humminbird 788ci 5-Inch Waterproof Marine GPS and Chartplotter with Sounder 

Humminbird 788ci 5 Waterproof Marine GPS FishFinder

Humminbird 788ci 5 Waterproof Marine GPS Chartplotter with Sonar - 70% who view, buy this Amazon product

With each passing season, it seems GPS technology continues to advance, and has been found to be useful in more and more settings. As the technology has continued to improve, outdoor enthusiasts, fishermen, and boaters have found models that are designed with them in mind. These devices make their favorite leisure activities safer, easier, and even more fruitful. And who wouldn’t want to improve their chances of catching that “big one” during a day on the lake?

Humminbird, an industry leader in marine GPS, sonar, and other fish-finding technologies, is a time-tested company that has backed its name with pride and satisfaction for many years. This trusted brand offers a wide variety of products to make the time you spend on the water more enjoyable than it has ever been. And with their affordable prices and integrated technologies, you can get a lot of bang for your buck with a Humminbird GPS device.

Overview and Features of the Humminbird 788ci 5-Inch Waterproof Marine GPS and Chartplotter with Sounder

Humminbird GPS 788ci Review

The Humminbird 788ci is an integrated GPS and sonar device that packs a lot of power into a compact size. Perfect for the even the smallest fishing boats, this little guy will continue to surprise you with its amazing display, navigational features, and ability to make hooking that big fish an even easier and more successful endeavor than ever before. Who needs a bulky GPS system AND a bunch of different fish-finding gadgets when you can find what you need all in one small but powerful device?


For the avid angler, the 788ci portable GPS and fishfinder is the tool for you. Compact in size but not small on features, this device provides an easy-to-use interface that allows you to navigate, track, and locate your favorite fishing spots with ease. The high-resolution color display makes viewing chart plots, maps, and sonar readouts far easier on the eyes than competing device displays. And use the advanced sonar features to your advantage to find only the fish you want to find.

Small Size, but Tough and Durable – Though the 788ci GPS fishfinder may be small in size, it is a very tough little gadget. It was designed with water sports in mind, so it is built to withstand the conditions it will likely face on board a water craft. It is built with a tough, rugged case that is resistant to bumps and drops. The device is also waterproof – a highly useful feature on an electronic device made for use in the water – so if it gets splashed, rained on, or even dropped in the lake, you don’t have to worry that your investment went down in the water right along with it.

Brilliant Color Display – View the bottom of the lake or other body of water you are in with ease. The high-resolution color display produces images of the highest quality, making viewing a pleasure. The 256-color TFT (thin-film transistor) display produces images that are clearly-defined and not at all grainy. The TFT technology reduces glare, which makes viewing the display in the brightest of daylight something that is no longer a problem.

Highly sensitive 50-channel GPS – The 788ci comes with a super sensitive, 50-channel GPS that makes chart plotting much simpler than ever. Determine your route with ease using the advanced GPS to track the needed coordinates and plot the best route for you.

UniMaps Pre-installed – UniMaps come pre-installed on your 788ci. These maps give you in-depth detailed images for over 1,000 inland lakes in the United States. So chances are, your favorite fishing hole is already programmed into your device to be viewed in high-definition clarity.

Temperature Monitor – Avid anglers know that certain fish prefer certain water temperatures. The 788ci Humminbird fish finder comes with a built-in temperature monitor that you can program with the temperature ranges that your desired fish tend to thrive within. Your device will then alert you when you have reached an area within this range.

Dual Beam Plus - Wide & Narrow Beams to View Fish

DualBeam Plus Sonar Technology – This technology, comprised of two different sonar “beams”, allows you to view both a narrow- and a wide-angle view of the water below and around you. This technology provides a crisp, clear display that allows you to see, with precision, fish, bait, and potential “hot spots” near your location. Use one beam at a time or both beams simultaneously. The precision beam allows you to see through even murky or cloudy water to find fish that could be hiding in the depths near the floor of the body of water. The wide beam does just as its name implies: it provides a wider, though not-as-deep, image of the surrounding area. Use the two beams in combination for a clear, precise, and in-depth view of the waters around you, and make hooking that big one easier than ever before. These technologies allow you to better gauge the distance and depth of your target, which makes it easier to know when you want to put down your line. With any luck, you’ll be catching your dinner in no time at all!

TrueArch Technology – Unlike competing devices that use a lot of processing power to help clear out “noise” or interference that is often associated with sonar images, the 788ci uses TrueArch Technology. The TrueArch Technology uses parallel processing power to enable a clear, accurate view of the waters below far faster and more effectively than other comparable devices.

Selective Fish Finder – If you are an angler with a preference for a particular type of fish, the 788ci has you covered here as well. The sonar technology included with the 788ci is capable of alerting you only when that specific fish is near your location. The display will even give you an idea of the distance and size of the particular fish.


The Humminbird 788ci GPS unit is covered by a one (1)  year limited manufacturer’s warranty. For more information on this warranty, you can visit Humminbird’s site for full details or contact them via phone.

Let’s Chart the Reviews…

Currently, the Amazon reviews show 4 out of 5 stars, which is great.  Seventy (70%) of Amazon customers buy this product after review.  Here are some excerpts that provide more information:

I have been using the 788ci for a few months now and have nothing but good things to say about it. It is simple to use and the preset buttons allow you to quickly see the screens you use the most. The quick release mounting system makes it easy to remove the head of the unit when you have to leave the boat unattended.

I just installed the 788ci on my pontoon boat and am very happy with the unit. This is my first fishfinder and I was afraid that it may be overly complicated. The screen is easy to read in bright light and I love the Fish ID feature. I am not that familiar with Lake Lanier and the GPS feature we let me explore. The unit powered up and worked without problems after installation.

I love my new Humminbird 788ci fishfinder. I have used it three or four times now trolling for Kokanee. I wasn’t sure that I really needed GPS for fishing in a lake. I knew I didn’t need it to find my way back to the boat ramp, but it is so easy to mark a spot where you catch fish or see a lot of fish and then come back to that spot that I wouldn’t want to fish without the GPS now. The fish ID works great also. You can see how many fish are there, what their depth is and relative size. It is so much fun to use that my fishing buddies want to drive the boat so they can watch the screen which has great color and is easy to see all the details even in bright sunlight. I use the split screen with GPS and fish ID screen most the time. It is easy to switch back and forth between screen views with a push of a button.

What About Complaints?  Mainly those are related to software.

I would not recommend buying this unit with the pre-loaded Navionics maps. They are the 2006 version and do not include a lot of the newer lakes. I use the Navionics ’09 Premium maps card and could not be happier.

Overall decent unit, but some poor choices made in the software.

How Much Does the Humminbird 788ci Cost?

At a competitive price on Amazon of $650, this is the only device you will need to find your way and find your fish. Make your favorite leisure activity even more rewarding and successful by utilizing all the helpful tools that the 788ci offers to make your voyage, and the actual fishing experience, a great one!

Other Items on the Wish List with the Humminbird Chartplotter GPS

Currently there are only 4 left in stock with Amazon. Some other items that buyers have purchased are:

  • Humminbird UC 3 (Unit Cover)
  • Humminbird MC 3 (Mount Cover)

Both of these items are about $25.00 together.

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