HO Velocity Tube – Get the Edge on Performance

HO Velocity Tube – Get the Edge on Performance

Are you looking for an inflatable water tube that the whole family can ride together? Are you looking for something to satisfy the thrill seekers in your family? Are you looking for quality at an affordable price? How do you feel about free shipping? If the answer to any of these questions is a resounding…”yes”…then please let me introduce you to the HO Sports Velocity Tube. Allow me to point out the product features and specifications.

HO Towable Tube Product Features and Specifications:

  • Stable ride makes it a great ride for adults and children.
  • Capacity of up to 4 riders.
  • Full nylon cover for maximum durability.
  • Strategically-placed neoprene pads for comfortable seating.
  • Heavy duty quick-connect tow hook design.
  • Shipping Weight: 68 pounds

This 4 rider ski tube, with its race inspired name, has performance written all over it! It is made of the highest quality material and features quality workmanship as well to provide many hours of awesome fun on the water for you and your family.

It’s Loaded

It is loaded with quality features like comfortable soft foam handles with neoprene knuckle guards to make hanging on tightly easier for even the smallest of riders. The pull-up straps allow riders to climb back aboard after a spill more easily and quickly. The large Boston style air valve permits faster inflation and deflation and the multiple drains permit more efficient water removal from inside the cover. There are four neoprene pads in the seating area that will provide a more comfortable ride experience. This water tube has a low center of gravity that helps the Velocity remain stable during the ride. This feature is especially important in the whip and through the wake.

Ride the Edge

It has four seats but you might prefer just riding the edge! This boating tube will fly over the waves and wakes to give the riders a supreme tubing experience. You can ride with the kids or let them ride with their friends…or…even ride with some of your friends. After all, who said that the kids are the only ones who can have fun on the water?


What is boredom? That is a question you’ll be asking after your first day on the water with the Velocity. With the 4 rider capacity, everyone can get in on the wet and wild fun in the sun. They even get a choice of riding positions! Your riders can ride in front in a seated position or ride in the back in a kneeling position….or they can just hold tightly to the handles and ride the edge. The ride in any of these positions will be one they will not forget any time soon.

Just think, with the fun potential of the HO Velocity Tube, you might want to consider moving to a warmer climate so you can use it more months of the year. Regardless of the climate of the area of the country in which you live, you will have many hours of thrilling water fun with the whole family or a bunch of your friends as you experience the splashing and invigorating ride in this HO Sports tube.

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