Body Glove Marine Towable – a Towable Winged Wonder

Body Glove Marine Towable 

Wow! Is this an amazing ride! Imagine that you have just dismounted from the most awesome towable you have ever experienced. You have just been towed around the lake and you rode the waves and wakes, rocking and rolling like a pro. This winged wonder has provided you with the ride of your life and you’re ready to go around again…and again…and again…

The Body Glove Marine Towable will give you a ride that will rival a personal water craft without the rumble of the motor beneath you. Let’s look at the product features and specifications:

Nash BG6067 Body Glove Torque Marine Tube

Product Features and Specs:

• GTR towable holds up to two riders
Available through Amazon
• 6 ½ foot “wings” designed for riding the wakes
• Made with heavy duty 840 denier nylon cover and 30 gauge PVC inner
• Deep foot wells secure feet positioning
• Elevated ride on the top seat
• Towable measures 80 inches long by 78 inches wide
• Graphic colors: red and gray
• Shipping weight: 30.2 pounds

Spectacular ride

This craft doesn’t leave the water’s surface but don’t let that fact fool you into thinking that the ride is not spectacular. The specially designed 6 ½ foot “wings” on this 2 rider boat tube will allow you to rock and roll from wake to wake. It even rides like a personal watercraft without the motor and bulk. It provides secure foot positioning by the specially designed deep foot wells to give you more stability while you ride. Unlike many boat towable designs, the Body Glove is designed for the rider to sit up on an elevated seat to ride in the personal watercraft-like position.

You and your family can take turns riding the wakes and waves, Jet Ski style, on your own inflatable towable. You can take turns, that is, if you care to share the experience with them…this craft might just awaken a little bit selfishness in you. After all, everyone needs a little self satisfaction once in a while, don’t you think?

Memories are irreplaceable

The quality of the construction of this towable tube will give you and your family years of reliable fun in the sun. You can look forward to many memorable moments as you experience the spectacular ride with your kids or your friends. These will be days that all of you can look back upon with pleasure and fondness for many years to come. There are so many memories yet to be made for you and your family and your friends.

About Body Glove

The Body Glove story began with twin brothers, Bob and Bill Meistrell, and is pretty much a rags-to-riches tale of building an empire called Body Glove. Their love and attraction to the ocean began when they moved to Manhattan Beach in California as teenagers and grew from there. They learned to surf, became lifeguards and joined with the early pioneers of California surfing. Once they discovered the new insulating material called Neoprene, they invented the first practical wetsuit so that people could enjoy the cold California water on a year-round basis. Since the suite “fit like a glove”, hence the name “Body Glove” was born.

Do you see a Body Glove Marine Towable Tube in your family’s entertainment future?  Say Yes!

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