Rave Sports The Tirade Boat Tow – High Speed for Two

It’s time to up your level of speed with Rave Sports Tirade Boat Tow and there’s no time like the present.  This dual capacity fire-truck red speed demon will have the hairs on all the places you know, and even the ones you didn’t, standing on edge due to the shear amount of pure and intense fun injected directly to your adrenal glands from the second you get in to the second you step out.  Rest assured that going slow is not an option because that would ultimately defeat the purpose of this very well thought out and designed two rider towable tube for the masses.

Rave Sports The Tirade Boat Tow

Specifications and Features for the Tirade Boat Towable are:

  • Inflated dimensions:20″ H x 5′ W x 6.5′ L
  • Tube Material:30 guage PVC, 840 denier nylon cover
  • Max Weight=340 lb
  • Tools needed for set up:Inflator(not included)
  • Time to inflate:5-10 min
  • 2 person dimensions:3/8″diameter
  • Four star reviews at Amazon!

If you’ve ever wanted to experience high speed with a partner in crime, then now is the perfect opportunity to fulfill your dreams.  With Rave’s towable tubes for speed boats, you’ll get to feel the excitement rush and swirl around you as you ride effortlessly at top speeds across any water surface that you choose to, or are brave enough to go up against.  Never again will you want to go back to just floating lazily across the water, not after trying life in the fast-lane.  The very essence of this amazingly engineered water tube is to deliver heart pounding, up to the second delivery of ultra-high speed fun; but perhaps the ultimate twist is the ability to share this moment with someone else.

High Speed for Two!

The creators at Rave have efficiently raised the standard of speed on water, especially in the two person water inner tubes department.  This sophisticated device is made from the highest standards of quality materials and includes a PVC repair kit, which is standard for most Rave products today, and comes in handy from time to time.

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A noted feature worth mentioning is the super comfortable dual cockpits.  The reason behind this smooth ride is the fact that the floors of the cockpit itself are inflated to add that extra level of comfort.  This all leads back to the specific needs and wants of riders, and Rave understands these requests and has definitely come through this time.

This brings us to the point that Rave has also taken neck and head safety as well as overall comfort to new levels by implementing the usage of Neoprene covered headrests.  These headrests ensure that your neck and head are cradled sufficiently and properly to reduce the chances of whiplash while riding because the risk of injury is the very last thing you want to be thinking about while enjoying the hot summer sun and cool crisp waves.

Another standard feature and heavy mainstay with all of Rave’s towable tubes for speed boats are the knuckle guards.  These guards aren’t only here for the simple enjoyment of aesthetics.  They’re located where they are so that you have something to grip onto while enjoying your fantastic speed journey.  So don’t hesitate any longer and go out and get yourself this wonderful ride today!

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