Rave Sports Hydro Mark II – Rocket into Fun

Rocket into fun on the Rave Sports Hydro Mark II  rider boat tube! What a wonderful way to spend the day on the water with family or friends. Bring a cooler full of food and drinks for a picnic on the beach… and … water toys for spectacular fun. The over-sized torpedo design of this 4 rider boat tube will launch your kids into a fun-filled day on the water. Look at the specs for the Rave:

Rave Sports Hydro Mark II towable

Features and Specifications:

  • Measures 20 inches high by 45 inches wide by 120 inches long
  • Weight 19 pounds
  • Heavy duty polyester cover that is non-fade and repels water and dirt
  • Heavy duty PVC bladder with a Boston valve and 3 separate air chambers
  • Quick-connect tow point and Skim-Fast bottom surface for a slippery ride.
  • Contoured molded seats for up to 2 riders

Ready to Launch

This Rave water sports towable will give you and your family tons of fun in the sun. Boating will never quite be the same once your family has experienced the excitement, the spills and the splashes provided by the Squadron IV boat tube. Experience the excitement of the towering wake that is made possible by the specially designed Rave Tail. The in-line missile design features a Skim-Fast bottom to give it a more slippery but stable ride. This is happens because it decreases the amount of friction the bottom of the tube has with the surface of the water. This keeps the tension on the tow rope tight to allow it to come out of the hole fast and hydroplane on the water quickly at lower horsepower.

Stability in Motion

Stability as it slips smoothly over the water is made possible by the broad hydroplane design of the bow. The Rave adds comfort and safety to the ride with the molded seats and PVC handles for each passenger. Your riders can simply hang on and enjoy the ride.

High Quality as well as Style

The heavy duty polyester cover has been made by a process that helps it retain its color despite the damaging rays of the sun. It is also been made to be water repellent, a pretty important feature for a towable water tube, don’t you think? It also repels dirt; so, Mom, this makes keeping it looking like new easier for you.

The heavy duty PVC bladder, the Boston valve and the three separate air chambers are ruggedly constructed to withstand many hours of intense fun.

The fun torpedo design invites multiple riders. You’ll probably find friends you didn’t know you had when the news about this water sports towable gets around. What a great opportunity to spend quality time with your family! You can enjoy the beautiful sunshine and the water in the company of loved ones or friends. You can create some memories that can be shared in years to come. These years with your family are short and will never be repeated. Make the most of them with water fun on the Rave Sports Hudro Mark tube. Shipping is free!

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