Rave Sports Slingshot PRP: Awesome Ride for Three

This is a great towable boat tube from Rave. Get ready for some fun in the sun and water with the Rave Sports Slingshot PRP. With this company’s water toys you know you are going to have a blast. They take pride in their products and it shows.

The Rave Sports Slingshot PRP

The Rave Sports Slingshot PRP

One of the best things about Rave water toys is that each one has been used by the people who make them. This instills a sense of pride in the products that they make. The Slingshot is a wonderful example of their craftsmanship and attention to detail. You can be sure that they would not play with these or let their families if they were not great quality tubes.

The Slingshot 3-rider PRP is made to carry one to three people for a great ride. What is awesome about their slingshot series is that they have created them to give people the feel of riding in a sports car. This innovative task was accomplished by using a suspended hammock style seating for the person sitting in the middle.

Features of Slingshot Boat Tube

  • Two prone riders and one recumbent seat for the third rider set up tubing fun trailed by the exclusive RAVE Tail™ rooster tail device throwing water high into the air for safety and excitement.
  • 3-Rider 73″x83″x2″ (Inflated) 21.5 lbs. SLING-Style Cockpit – Prone/Recumbent/Prone Riding Positions
  • Heavy Duty Nylon Cover
  • Heavy-Duty PVC Bladder – Boston Valve
  • 6-Nylon Covered Handles w/EVA Knuckle Guards
  • Quick Connect Tow Point
  • Recumbent seating position for totally comfortable ride
  • Patented RAVE Tail™ Included
  • EVA Covered Extra Tall Backrest
  • Anti-Chafe Guards and Raised Side Fins Protect Prone Riders
  • Free Shipping from Amazon

Trend Setter

Rave is considered leader when it comes to the most fun toys for water sports. They are continuously striving to produce better and different water sports toys for the consumer. One of their trademarks is the Rave tail. While being towed the back of the tube will shoot up a jet of water approximately 15 foot into the air behind it. This is great fun and also let others know that there is a Rave towable tube in the water.

Safety and comfort are seen in this Slingshot towable tube with the back of the seat and knuckles having a EVA covering. The handles are also foam filled which helps to decrease the amount of stress that might be felt on the hands when hanging on to the Slingshot PRP. It carries up to three people who can sit or lay on the tube when being towed. Sitting is what gives the sports car feel to the ride. It is just plain fun no matter how you ride it.

It comes it a beautiful blue color that screams fun. The design on the tube helps you to easily see it in the water. It weighs 21.5 pounds which makes it easy to transport to and from the water. The biggest problem that is seen with this tube is that everyone will be fighting over who gets to ride it next.

The Slingshot PRP rates at the top of the list for family fun in the sun and water when it comes to fun towable tubes. Just be ready to have a lot of laughs and get that adrenalin flowing when you play on this tube.

Dimensions: 73” W x 83” L   21.5 pounds

Take a look at the Rave Slingshot PRP and see for yourself just what you will be getting now. You will be sure to agree that it is a great water towable tube. Buy one today for the holidays as a treat for yourself and your family. You will be ready then for some fast action water fun for the whole family and friends.

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