Rave Sports Slingshot II – Sports Car Fun

Mischievous little children in the pursuit of trouble will find perhaps even more than they bargained for when they get to know the Rave Sports Slingshot II.  Picture yourself as a little tiny rock.  Now this rock which represents you has been picked up by a child with a slingshot which represents Rave’s two person towable tubes, and he or she has just snuggled you gently into the center of the rubber, pulled back as far as humanly possible, and let go.

Rave Sports Slingshot II – 02354

Rave Sports Slingshot II 2-Rider Inflatable Tube Features

    • Deep recumbent seating
    • Exclusive RAVE Tail™ rooster tail device throwing water high into the air
    • 2-Rider Tube  66″x64″x25″ (Inflated)
    • 17.7 lbs.
    • SLING-Style Cockpit Seating
    • Heavy Duty Nylon Cover
    • Heavy-Duty PVC Bladder – Boston Valve
    • 4-Nylon Covered Handles w/EVA Knuckle Guards
    • Quick Connect Tow Point
    • EVA Covered Extra Tall Backrests

There are probably a million thoughts rushing through your mind right now.  Perhaps you’re wondering what life is like traveling at heavy duty speeds, and the thrill is beginning to set in.  Better yet, you’re wondering, while remembering to breathe and to keep both eyes open, when exactly are you going to be able to do it again? That right there is the essence of this 2 rider towable tube from Rave Sports.  When can we ride again?

This particular installment of the Slingshot will have you whipping around the water all day every day for an entire summer.  You just might try to convince your friends to chase the summer seasons all over the world just so that you can enjoy this marvelous ride on a daily basis.  Just remember to bring a friend and a couple of life jackets because water safety is important!

Taking Safety Seriously

Now something named after such a dubious weapon of destruction must be able to inflict similar proportions in real life right? However, the folks at Rave have created something truly safe and fun all in one great package.  If you start with the dual cockpits, which have you resting comfortably and securely inside this speed boat tow tube, you’ll get a better impression of just how safe this ride is.  The cockpits allow you to rest within the tube thus keeping you at a lower center of gravity in relation to the water which in turn allows you to zip across the water at breakneck speeds.

This two seater towable boat water tube also has wonderfully crafted, comfortable nylon handles that come complete with EVA knuckle guards just in case you feel a little tense and need to squeeze something other then your friend’s arm until its numb.  You’ll also notice the backrests that allow you to sit in a comfortable position without having to strain your body in order to remain upright while enjoying this ride.

The ride itself has a heavy duty nylon cover and a PVC bladder that wraps around the under belly of the tube, making it quite sturdy in terms of construction and longevity.  A quick connect tow point rounds out the awesomeness of this tube because something this fun just can’t be kept behind closed doors.

So go ahead and grab this beautiful Rave Tail™ for your friends and family instead of purchasing real slingshots because it’s always fun and games.  However with this particular slingshot, you’re not going to have to worry or fret too much of mishaps occurring due to foul play.

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