Rave Sports The Ravenger Boat Tow: Perfect 3-Rider Tube

The Rave Sports Ravenger Boat Tow will have everyone doing double-takes of you, but they’re going to have to eat your waves because you’ll be gone with the fun on this sweet ride.  Despite what wacky images your imagination might conjure up with reference to mid-90’s television shows about lifeguards and scantily clad females riding larger-than-life aquatic machines, this latest offering from Rave is definitely the real deal.

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Specifications of Rave Ravenger Boat Tube:

  • Inflated dimensions:7.5′ L x 5.5′ W x 33″ H
  • Material:Heavy duty PVC; 840 Denier nylon cover
  • Time to inflate:5-10 min
  • Max weight = 510 lb
  • Five star reviews from customers
  • Free Shipping

Of course even on a bad day you can also imagine the wind flowing through your hair, the sand in between your toes and a large smile planted firmly and securely on your visage as you face the rigors of a day at the beach or lake.  What’s not to like about this boat inflatable water tube?  You’ll want to ride upon this from the moment you breach the water until you resurface back on dry land.  It’s just that magnetic in terms of presence, feel, and enjoyment.

Perfection Makes Perfect Ride

So the eager designers, brainiacs, and engineers might have all gotten together and decided to challenge each other to out-create the ultimate summer water experience, and this boat tow behind tube is the direct result of their hard work.  Taking a look underneath the proverbial hood, you’ll find that this awesome ride comes with a trusty boat tow and PVC repair kit – just in case.  If those accidents that just happen do occur, you’ll be jumping for joy and doing somersaults into the water because your trusty repair kit will have you back on the water in no time.
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Enjoy the video too – gives you a great look at the Ravenger Boat Tow and the fun ahead! Click here to order to your own Rave Ravenger! Shipping is Free!

Moving on you’ll also notice that the size of this Rave Sports inflatable tube makes for easy transportation and inflation.  The folks at Rave didn’t want you to have to lug around this cumbersome awkward tube or make you alternatively go out and have to purchase a jet-ski to go along with your boat collection, so they opted for lightweight and long-life materials that will endure the tests of time.

Another great feature of this 1-3 person boat towable is the cockpit that comes equipped with inflated floors.  The inflated floors ensure that all riders will experience an exhilarating but gentle ride.  Of course during all the excitement you’re going to have to place your hands somewhere and what better place to do it than the soft grip handles.  The handles themselves come complete with neoprene knuckle guards making sure your fingers stay safe and sound, just like your toes.

Now depending on the number of riders you happen to be towing per ride, you’re going to have to get varying rope specifications.  This might seem like a hassle and extra cost, but Rave is merely taking safety very seriously.  They’ve included the exact rope specifications based on occupancy of the craft itself.  So make sure to have fun, but play safe!

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