Rave Ravenger 3 Person Towable – The Hands-down Favorite

Rave Ravenger 3 Person Towable 

Are you in the market for a sleek, stable and comfortable towable tube? Are you looking for a tube the whole family can enjoy? Do you want a multiple rider tube? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then come along with me while we check out the product specifications for the Rave Ravenger 3 Person Towable:


RAVE Ravenger 3-Rider Towable

Rave Ravenger 3-Rider Towable Features and Specifications:

• Fast inflatable design for 1 to 3 riders.
• 30-gauge PVC construction
• 840-denier nylon cover for added durability
• Rider Weight Capacity: 510 lbs
• Dimensions: H 33 in; W 5.5 ft; L 7.5 ft
• Weight: 36 lbs
• Has 40 inch long cockpit on each side
• Integrated floor drains
• Patented high volume rooster tail that sprays water high for added visibility to other watercraft
• Six sets of neoprene handles with knuckle guardsClick Here for Sale Pricing
Amazon reviews: 4 out of 5 stars

Sleek, Stable, Comfortable

This Rave Sports towable tube is designed to accommodate one to three riders having no more than a total weight of 510 pounds. It looks just like a personal watercraft but you’ll find a soft, inflatable floor to give you a smoother, more comfortable ride. The single rider sits on the center seat and there are two secure molded vinyl handles to hold on to while the two additional riders sit in the large cockpits on either side. The cockpit seats are nicely sized each being 40 inches long. If you have any experience with other 30-gauge Rave towables, you know that they come standard with integrated floor drains. This product is equipped with a patented high-volume rooster tail that will spray water high in the air to make you more visible to other watercraft.

Safe and Secure Fun for the Whole Family

This Rave 3-rider towable tube is stable enough to safely put young children on it. Adults as well as kids can enjoy the experience provided by this towable tube. Kids vote this tube as their number “1” choice hands down with good reason. The design of the Rave provides safety and security for the riders and this is something that is felt by even the youngest of riders. The safety and security issue has been tantamount to its success.

High Customer Reviews

The Rave Sports 3 rider towable tube gets 4 stars customer reviews at Amazon. What are some of those customers saying about it? They are commenting about the safety and stability of the craft. All of the reviews report that it is the number one choice of their families, especially the kids. The quality of construction and its durability definitely rank highly in the Mom and Dad category of customers as does the value for the price consideration. Another plus for the multi-rider function of this towable is the fact that it will save gas because it won’t take as many trips around the lake to allow everyone to get a turn.

Hands-down Favorite

Every customer review remarked about the extreme satisfaction of the product by the whole family, especially the kids. Childhood should be all about making wonderful and pleasant memories. Aren’t there some memories you’d like to make with your family? The Rave Ravenger 3 Person Towable can help you with that.

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