O’Brien X-Scream Inflatable Towable Tube: Crazy Fun for Two

O’Brien Four Ball Towable

Imagine spending the day on the water, spending some quality time with the family. You’re cruising around in the boat, enjoying the sun and the water and the family. But, the kids are bored and they want something more than boat rides every weekend. What can you do to end their boredom? What can you do to salvage the weekend time away from home? The O’Brien X-Scream Towable can be the solution to your dilemma. Come along with me while we check out the product specifications of this crazy towable tube.

O’Brien “X-Scream” Inflatable 96″ Round Tow Tube

O’Brien Towable Tube Specifications:

• Capacity of up to two riders
• 100 inches of space for riders
• Construction: 30 gauge PVC
• Fully covered with 840 denier nylon
• Ten handles with EVA knuckle guards
• One quick connect hook
• Item weight: 20 pounds
• Shipping weight: 39.2 pounds
Amazon Reviews: 4 stars out of 5

Quality Construction

It is constructed of 840 denier nylon with a 30-gauge PVC interior bladder that is resistant to punctures. It also boasts of one neoprene pad on the topside that provide more comfort as well as ten neoprene-filled handles with knuckle guards that will protect your hands as you grip tightly. In addition to having a single drain and a quick-connect tow attachment, it also offers multiple valves for filling the different bladders. O’Brien tubes are the most durable and popular tubes in the sport. Fun for years! For over 40 years of building products from water skis to tubes to wakeboards, they have and will always be O’Brien. Four decades, one name!Click Here for Sale Pricing

Room Enough for Two (or Three)

There is room enough for two or three on this large boat towable. With 4 star Amazon reviews, this towable is well worth checking out. Other owners are reporting comfortable crazy rides with up to 3 riders (adult and two children). This tube will provide thrills for riders of all ages and sizes.

Easy To Pull

Other owners report that, though this is a large tube, it pulls easily behind the boat, with one owner citing that he feels the balls reduce the drag. It will stay behind the boat through slight and medium turns but can be maneuvered outside the wake with more ease than you find on other large tubes.

Imagine the Fun

Imagine the wind in your face and water splashing wildly as you fly over the wakes and waves the partner of your choice. The only sound you will hear over the waves will be the excited laughter and giggles as the kids ride this amazing inflatable inner tube. This tube could be the perfect recipe for family fun in the sun, providing extreme excitement and water splashy fun for everyone…maybe even the family dog will enjoy the ride.

Memories Waiting to be Made

There are hundreds of wonderful memories just waiting to be made for you and your family. These days of your kids being “kids” are so short and will be gone before you know it. Don’t you want to make some unforgettable memories while you still can, while they’re still young? The O’Brien Screamer inflatable towable can help you. Click Here for Sale Pricing

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