Kwik Tek Airhead Bonehead II Wakeboard with GRAB Youth Binding: A Wakeboard to Grow On

Airhead Bonehead II Wakeboard

Does someone in your family itch to learn to wakeboard? Do you have a young rider who desires to develop new skills and hone existing ones? Have you been looking for the perfect wakeboard that will permit this young rider to develop and hone his or her wakeboarding skills? If you answered yes to any of these questions, may I suggest that you accompany me as we look a little closer at the Kwik Tek Airhead Bonehead II Wakeboard with GRAB Youth Binding.

Kwik Tek Airhead Bonehead II Wakeboard

Kids love to wakeboard!

Airhead Wakeboard Features and Specifications:

• Length: 124 cm
• Weight capacity: up to 130 pounds
• The RIM core has a PBT top with sublimated graphics.
• Two removable fiberglass reinforced nylon fins
• Skull graphics that kids love
• GRAB high wrap youth wakeboard binding that fits kids size 13 to men’s size 8.5
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The Perfect Board for Young Riders

Airhead Bonehead II Youth Wakeboard w/ GRAB Bindings

The size of this wakeboard makes it a perfect fit for the youth riders in your family who are 130 pounds and under. Young riders love the skull graphics and they will definitely attract attention wherever they go. GRAB is a top of the line high wrap youth binding that will provide the much needed support for young bodies as they shift their weight to pitch and yaw to maneuver the board on the wake to develop and hone their wakeboarding skills. The GRAB binding has been specially designed to provide the comfort needed to help your youth rider progress rapidly in his or her riding skills. The binding’s one cinch adjustability that the front entry lace up binding allows will be welcomed by any rider, whether a beginner or veteran. There is a power strap that gives greater lower leg support when they’re making those turns that are so much fun and impressive.

Hey, Mom…Watch This…

Kwik Tek Airhead Bonehead II Wakeboard

Wakeboarding at the Lake

How many times have you heard your son or daughter utter those words? As they have grown, I’m sure they have proudly shown you new things they have learned to do on bicycles, monkey bars, swing sets, in the swimming pool and probably hundreds of other activities. Wakeboarding will be no different…they’re still going to want to demonstrate their newly developed riding skills and the dare devil tricks they will learn as they progress. Can you imagine the pride on your son or daughter’s face as he or she rides the wake, twisting, turning and bouncing along behind the boat? Pride will also swell in your heart as you watch your young rider grow in riding ability. These are the times that are priceless in terms of wonderful moments that will long be remembered by everyone involved.

The Airhead Kwik Tek name carries a reputation for quality and durability that is built into this board and all of the items in their product line. This board will give your young riders many hours of wonderful, memorable water fun for years to come. Wouldn’t you like to see your son or daughter excelling on a wakeboard of his or her own? Go on; check out the Kwik Tek Airhead Bonehead II Youth Wakeboard with GRAB Binding and see the quality for yourself.

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