Coleman Hydrofusion Towable (3 Person) – A Win-Win Towable

Coleman Hydrofusion Towable (3 Rider) 

Are you looking for a versatile water ski tube that can provide fun for the whole family? Would you like to have your choice of ride positions? The Coleman Hydrofusion Towable (3 Rider) will more than meet your needs. Come along with me while we look at the product features and specifications:

Coleman Hydrofusion Towable Tube

Coleman Hydrofusion Towable 3 Rider Tube


Coleman Hydrofusion Towable Features & Specifications:

• 84 inches by 896 inches when inflated
• Two-in-one ride system:  cockpit or lie-on configuration
• Weight: 51 pounds
• Neoprene pad and knuckle guards
• Fixed sit down position for both sides
• Four stars out of 5 star Amazon reviews
• Durable, puncture-resistant 23-gauge PVC; heavy-duty nylon cover
• Coleman Airtight System & Double-Lock valve to guarantee a leak-free inflatable
• Contains removable PVC bladder: choose cockpit or prone rider
• Neoprene pad is zipped into place over a 15-gauge PVC bladder Click Here for Sale Pricing

Choice of Rides

This boat tube provides a 2 – 1 ride system. It doubles the fun while being pulled behind a motorboat or personal watercraft. It features a zip-out PVC bladder that offers a choice of riding in the tube’s cockpit or riding on top of the tube. In Deck Tube mode, you can zip a neoprene pad into place over a 20-gauge PVC bladder to cover the cockpit seating for a wild deck ride. In Cockpit Mode, the inflated floor provides a more comfortable ride. Neoprene pads and neoprene knuckle guards afford riders with more comfort and protection. Thanks to Coleman’s exclusive Airtight System, this product is guaranteed not to leak. Features such as rugged, puncture-resistant PVC and patented Double-Lock valve prevent accidental air loss.

Water Fun for All Ages

Just imagine the fun you and your family will have each and every time you hit the water in this 3 rider boat tube. The dual design of this versatile water ski tube will allow family members to choose between riding on top of the tube deck while they skim across the water; or, they may choose to sit in the cockpit to enjoy the similar and equally exciting ride provided as the craft skims across the wakes and waves behind the boat. Laughter and giggles abound when the kids of all ages climb aboard.

High Customer Reviews For Coleman Tubes

It is no wonder this product has received 4-star ratings in customer reviews at Amazon. It has been described as a great towable that is fun for all ages. Reasonable pricing, deep seating, excellent durability, non-submersible and safe riding for young children are also comments made in customer reviews of this towable tube.

It’s a “Win-Win” Situation

The leak-free guarantee and the exceptional quality that Coleman is know for combine to make ownership of this product a wonderful experience for you. At such a reasonable price, how can you afford NOT to have one? Go ahead…make some memories with your kids on the Coleman 3-Rider Hydrofusion Towable boat tube.Click Here for Sale Pricing

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