Aquaglide Spitfire 4 Person Towable: Full-sized Family Fun

There’s something about the Aquaglide Spitfire 4 Person Towable that screams fun.  No matter how you look at  it or whether or not you appreciate the jumbo-sized capacity seating, you know that with summer just around the corner, anyone and everyone looking to enjoy the waters will want to ride on this sweet tube.

Aquaglide Spitfire Extreme XL 4 Person Towable

Aquaglide Spitfire Towable Features:

  • Accommodates 4 people
  • Rapid inflate valve
  • EVA rash guard
  • Quick connect towing attachment
  • Full wrap cover
  • Lower back support
  • 1 Year warranty
  • Free Shipping




Full-sized Family Fun

Built to the uttermost perfection that could be applied, the engineers and design team behind Aquaglide’s 4 riders towable tube let nothing stand in their way of creating an unforgettable floating memory just waiting to be born and stored away in your mind for years to come.

If you haven’t noticed already there are four sets of EVA rash guard handles which directly takes you to the conclusion that this floatation device has room to spare.  Constructed to accommodate four people comfortably, this particular towable tube is both fun and functional.  It offers its riders great lower back support because of all the real estate that is available for each rider.  So it definitely doesn’t matter what size each passenger happens to be because you won’t be running out of room on this device any time soon.

Another staple of Aquaglide is its intelligently included, strategically placed rapid inflate valve that reduces the overall amount of time required to have this towable tube ready to wreak some havoc on the waves and calm waters.  Without this little tiny attachment you wouldn’t even want to pull this out of storage half the time because inflating it would be such a huge endeavor that you might just want to take a nap after completing the job.

Aquaglide has also made sure to attach a quick connect towing device meaning that you’ll be able to hook this up to your boat as easy as pie.  However, that’s not all; this four rider towable tube also comes complete with a full wrap cover meaning you’ll always be able to keep this tube safe and sound when not in use.  So if you’re serious this water season about having fun with your friends and family, go out and make sure to grab this tube.

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