The Airhead Fluid Wakeboard

Summer can come up on you before you know it. Once the warm weather hits there is nothing like being able to get out on the water for some big time fun. Grab a line and fire up the boat. Before you go though, you better make sure that you have one very important item. You got to have an outstanding wakeboard if you are looking for some serious fun.

Airhead Fluid Wakeboard

The Airhead Fluid  Wakeboard is a wakeboard that can provide outstanding hold and much needed tracking. It is perfect for intermediate boarders and advanced boarders alike. Airhead wakeboards are known for their ability to allow the user to get huge performance. Many younger riders will find that the Horns Up board is extremely fun and responsive.

The board easily supports riders between 90 and 170 lbs. You will find that this model offers killer control especially with the dual thruster setup that features six fins. Two of the thruster fins are set at 11o and the center fins can be removed. You will find that this gives you a great deal more speed without the worry of slip out. You will be able to fly into the wake and nail landings.

Summary of Features:

* 134cm long wakeboard is designed for riders from 90-170 lbs
* Six fin dual thruster setup provides hold, and tracking
* Removable center fins provide tracking
* Side fins are curved and angle outwards at 11 degree to provide extra edge hold
* Four (4) star Amazon review

Delivering Performance

Many cheaper boards have an issue with their Vise bindings. You may have found that they can cause some degree of pain on pressure points. The Airhead Fluid Wakeboard doesn’t suffer from this issue. The Vise bindings fit great and will provide you with all the support you need without having to worry about pain on those pressure points.

Have you ever been out on the water for awhile and finally come in to find that your feet and legs are sore? This is due in part to the lack of support that many boards offer. This one is totally different though. The binding incorporates an orthotic footbed. You will find that this tends to offer a great deal more cushion and will support you much better.

The mounting area for the binding is reinforced with an aluminum plate which means that your board can take a great deal more wear and tear around that area without worrying about easy breakage. This board also features continuous rocker which means more speed and less worries. Ask anyone who loves the feel of flying along behind a speeding boat nailing killer moves and letting worries fly away.

They will gladly tell you that there is nothing like strapping onto an excellent wakeboard and taking off. All it takes is finding just the right board for you. The Airhead Fluid Wakeboard is just that sort of board. Take a look at it today and get your new wakeboard shipped to your home for free!


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