Kwik Tek Airhead World Industries Battle Youth Wakeboard: Perfect for Wind and Water

The Airhead Battle Youth Wakeboard is a testament to the advancement of not only technology and the steady rising sport, but of the progression and longevity of everything a water thrill seeking lover could ever ask for.  Without that fateful day when man decided he would get on top of a large board, agree to be pulled by a boat using a rope from a safe distance, there would be no wakeboarding or wake-boarders.

Airhead Battle Youth Wakeboard

Airhead Battle Youth Wakeboard with Grim Bindings

Gradually the length of the rope would be adjusted, more powerful boats would be developed and more and more adrenaline junkies would be not only lured, but converted to this thrilling sport for years to come, if not for the rest of their days on earth.  What better way is there to experience the wind and water at the same time?

Product Features of World Industries Battle Wakeboard:

  • Designed for youth riders of all levels weighing up to 130 lbs
  • 124 cm lightweight twin tip free-ride wakeboard
  • Continuous rocker is fast and forgiving with smooth pop
  • RIM molded with a PU core, fiberglass reinforcement, PBT top and sublimated graphics
  • Two removable fiberglass reinforced nylon fins provide excellent tracking and carving
  • 50 x 15.8 x 3.3 inches ; 9.2 pounds
  • This wakeboard from Amazon is also available for shipping to select countries outside the U.S.

Built to Youth Perfection

If you’re searching for the perfect kid wakeboard, then look no further than this particular model.  Designed to support the weight of kids and teens up to 130lbs, this youth wakeboard will definitely enable your child to test the waters and see if he or she really wants to pursue this sport further.  If all else fails, your kids will still have an awesome board to look back on.

Engineered for performance and durability, this particular Airhead model can boast about its many solid features.  Features that include a fiberglass core reinforcement to provide a sturdier board and ride, as well as removable fins to help the board cut through the water even more.  You’ll also notice wonderful and stylish wrap bindings that are designed to add comfort and safety for the rider.  The full board itself comes in at a finished length of 50 inches long and has a twin tip design to allow for maximum wake-carving possibilities.

If there’s one thing that definitely gives away the age demographics that this board is targeted and designed for, it’s definitely the graphics.  You’ll notice very eye-catching decals on the board that should hopefully cater to the cool factor when trying to find something your kids will enjoy and want to ride upon.  So have no fear when purchasing because Airhead has also kept this in mind; they too were young once and know all too well what they like and don’t like.

So if you’re still on the fence as to whether or not to take the proverbial plunge and purchase your child’s first wakeboard, have no fear, this Airhead product is definitely no slouch and will last for years to come.  You’re kids might not initially thank you because of the learning curve, but once you give them this World Industries BATTLE wakeboard and set them loose upon the water, they’ll be begging you to take them out in no time at all.

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