Airhead 2-Rider Viper Towable Tube: Built for Two

The Airhead 2-Rider Viper towable tube is a fantastic towable that you will soon fall in love with. As with all Airhead products you can be sure that it is built to last. By being built to last it does not mean that any of the fun has been taken out of this boat towable. These are wonderful to play on the water with for anyone.

Airhead 2-Rider Viper Towable Tube

Airhead 2-Rider Viper Towable Tube

The hull of the Viper 2-rider towable tube is shaped like the hull of a boat. The best thing about this shape is that it provides a more stable and fun ride. Riders also get the feeling that they are sitting in a cockpit taking a smooth ride. They tow easily and safely behind a boat. Be sure that you are using the right size towing rope any time that you are pulling a tube. Using the wrong tow rope can have serious consequences.

Not Just another Tube Ride

The 2-person Viper has beautiful red, white, and black colors. It is easier than a lot of tubes to see when in the water. This is an important safety feature that is great for this specific tube. It is covered with a 100% nylon cover that has been coated twice with polyurethane which not only protects the bladder but adds to the beauty of this tube.

It will remind you of a racing car with the colors and designs. Why not with the speed you are being pulled through the water will make you feel like you are riding in a race car. The only thing is that it rides a lot smoother than any race care you may ride in. This is related to the fact that it has a 30 gauge bladder. The PVC is fully covered to protect it from any damage that might occur.

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The handles are nylon wrapped with neoprene knuckle guards to protect the hands and fingers. There is an EVA “Indy Cap” that covers the valve of the tube. This allows you to be able to inflate and deflate the tube quickly and efficiently which is great if you have impatient people that want to get out on the water as soon as possible.

This is an incredible cockpit style 2-person towable tube from the airhead line that is going to give you years of pleasure and fun in the sun. There is just no way to tell you how great this tube is. Go now and take a look at this Airhead 2-person Viper towable tube to see everything that is wonderful about this water sport product. Buy one today for a great savings – and Amazon customer ratings of 4.5 stars out of 5!

Airhead products are known for their durability and the Viper 2-Rider is no different. It will bring hours of fun for many seasons of use. It is a great water sports toy for the whole family. They will have memories of the time spent together that will last a life time. There is nothing more important than this with family.


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