Absolute Full Throttle Speed Ray Inflatable Tube: Another Ride on the Wild Side

Absolute Outdoor Full Throttle Speed Ray Inflatable 2-Rider Tow Tube 

Is there someone in your family with that “thrill seeker” gene? You know who I mean…the person who just HAS to try everything at least once no matter what the consequences. Is that person you? Or, is it one of your kids? Well, if you have a “thrill seeker” with a need to satisfy, follow me to the land of the Absolute Outdoor Full Throttle Speed Ray Inflatable Tow Tube (2 Rider) and check out the product specifications:

Absolute Full Throttle Sea Ray 2-Rider Towable Tube

Absolute Full Throttle Sea Ray 2-Rider Inflatable Towable Tube

• Unique design for a wild ride, high performance with angled wing body style
• Heavy duty fully nylon cover
• Designed for up to 2 riders
• Large, anti-chafing soft neoprene pad on tube surface provides added riding comfort and performance
• EZ connect tow hook to allow for easy and convenient tow rope connection
• It includes 4 grip handles with soft foam knuckle guards and back boarding straps
• Weight: 32.4 pounds
• Shipping weight: 32 pounds
• Extra heavy-duty 30 gauge PVC construction
• Repair kit and Schrader Valve adapter includedClick Here for Sale Pricing
• Deflated dimensions: 90” x 73” (228.6 x 185.4 cm)
Amazon Ratings – 4.7 stars out of 5

Designed for a Wild Ride

This 2 rider boat tube was certainly appropriately named. Based on its sting ray shape, this tube will fly as you rock and roll over the wakes and waves. Designed for one or two riders, the Speed Ray provides great stability for a smooth, fast ride. Its angled wings allow you to ride on the edge for tight turns and perfect control over the wake. You will really appreciate the ergonomic handles and large neoprene knuckle guards for that comfortable grip that you will need to hang on for dear life!

Exceptional Water Ride

The Full Throttle will thrill even the most finicky seeker in your family. This water sled towable tube is an exceptional ride regardless of the speed at which you ride. This tube provides much more stable a ride with two riders giving them much more air at a slower pace than other towables. If you dare to ride alone…the ride you experience will be simply amazing!  This tube even gets a 5-star Amazon review!

Learning Curve

Of course, there is a learning curve with this ride as with many tubes. Once you learn how to shift your weight and coordinate those weight shifts with the other rider, you will be able to truly intensify the ride. Using rider weight shifts to control the pitch and yaw of the craft along with the angled wings will produce the lift to fly over the wakes and waves and provide the riders with a wild ride that goes beyond description. It is a ride the thrill seeker in your family (or in you) will not soon forget!

Be a Multiple Tube Family

While you may have purchased inflatable water toys in the past and you may still own and use some of them, you will definitely want to consider adding the Absolute Outdoor Full Throttle Speed Ray 2-Rider Inflatable Towable Tube to your collection. After all, one size (or tube) doesn’t necessarily fit all. Becoming a multiple-tube family will provide a variety of fun options that are sure to please everyone…including your thrill seeker.

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