Uniden MHS135DSC Waterproof Marine Radio: Review High Ratings

Review of Uniden MHS135DSC 2-Channel VHF Waterproof Two-Way Marine Radio

Uniden MHS 350 VHF Waterproof Marine Radio

Uniden MHS 135DSC Handheld Marine Radio

If you are like me and enjoy spending as much time as possible out on the water, you know firsthand the importance of having a reliable two way marine radio in case of emergency. In fact, there are been several times when we were out in the ocean, and had boat problems, that we needed a reliable ship-to-shore radio.  It only takes one time, when you are stranded, to realize the importance of a good marine radio!

My search for a great marine VHF radio started out with a few basic criteria: it must be reliable, durable, and waterproof. I also wanted to be able to have access to weather information, and a variety of communication channels. Imagine my surprise when I came across the Uniden MHS125  2-Channel VHF Waterproof Two-Way Marine Radio. This handy gadget had it all, and then some!

Let’s Breakdown The Stats…

Handy Size

Measuring just 4 x 7.2 x 7.5 inches, and weighing in at 4.9 pounds, this handheld marine VHF radio is easy to hold, compact enough to carry with you, and easily tucked into a pack or boat compartment. It can also be easily mounted on the vessel for even more convenience.

Wide Variety of Marine Channels for Uniden VHF radios

This waterproof VHF radio is able to receive all United States, Canadian, and even international marine channels. You will have plenty of information on all needed marine activity right in the palm of your hand. What’s more, you will have access to ten weather channels from NOAA (the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association), so you will be warned well in advance should dangerous weather start moving in. You will also be able to receive weather alerts from the device’s S.A.M.E. (Specific Area Message Encoding), which keeps your reports focused on your exact area. This is carried out by utilizing FIPS code (Federal Information Processing Standard codes) that detects your specific location.

Waterproof and Durable

Just as you would expect any decent marine radio to be, the Uniden MHS 350 is waterproof and quite sturdy. The design may be somewhat compact, but quality was not sacrificed. The Uniden radio features a submersible case that is made of die cast aluminum. It also comes with plenty of battery life to last an entire weekend and then some, and includes two rechargeable NiMH batteries that bring you up to fourteen hours of operation time. So you should never have a problem with low or no battery issues when out in your boat.

Channel Browsing Made Easy

Because of the compact size, browsing through the channels is a cinch. With a press of a button you can make use of the scan function, which quickly brings you through the channels from lowest to highest all at one time. When in scan mode, the radio activates the Triple Watch Plus feature, allowing easy monitoring of all emergency and weather channels. This is a must have for any boater, since changes can pop up at any time, often with no warning at all. The radio also provides one touch access to emergency channels, 9 and 16, in case quick service is needed.

Extras for the Uniden 135 VHF Handheld Radio:

• Large, easy to read backlit display
• Back lit keypad
• Power save mode
• 5 watt and 1 watt power modes
• Key lock
• Easy charging using the included charging dock

What’s In The Uniden 135 Waterproof Radio Box:

• The MHS 135 2-channel Radio
• Antenna
• DC Adaptor
• AC Adaptor
• Two rechargeable batteries
• Instruction Manual

Uniden MHS135 VHF 2-Channel Radio Warranty

This marine radio is backed by a one year warranty. The warranty does not cover any misuse of the product.

See What Others Think of Uniden 135 Radio

For the most part, the reviews coming in from a variety of consumers for this marine radio have been quite good, receiving an average of 4.5 stars out of 5 on Amazon.com.
Here are just a few excerpts from these reviews:

I have beaten the heck out of these radios and so far they work like new.

This is a great quality product. I would recommend it to anybody looking for a great radio for a small vessel or emergency radio for larger vessels.Great range, battery life is good too, I like this radio a lot. I’m planning to get a second one.

This radio was exactly what I needed. It seems solidly built, has a nice rubber feel, somewhat heavy but indicative of the high quality of the battery.

Very well constructed! Sturdy! And it has very useful features. If you are looking for a reliable, well built hand-held marine radio, you will be 100% happy with this one.

The Uniden MHS 350 radios are of the highest quality. They feel great in your hand and are not at all plasticy. The range is amazing and the quality is great. In nasty weather conditions, you can turn up the volume loud enough that we never had an issue not being able to hear the other person.

If you want to read more of the reviews posted at Amazon, just click here.

Any Downsides To It?

There really are very few complaints regarding the Uniden MHS 350 2-Channel VHF waterproof two way marine radio. A couple of users recommended using silicone grease on the knobs if you will be using the radio in salt water conditions to protect against corrosion. Another complaint was that the radio was somewhat difficult to hear when underwater. Hopefully, you won’t have to deal with an underwater experience!

How Much is the Uniden MHS 135 2-Channel VHF Waterproof Two-Way Marine Radio Going to Cost Me?

The manufacturer’s recommended price for this radio is $250.00 USD. If you do a quick search online you can find much better deals. Amazon.com, for example, sells it for just $174.99!

Are There Any Extra Accessories Available?

There most certainly are! Here are some popular extras for this model:

• VHF Stickers
• Kwik Tek Dry Pak VHF Radio Case
• Communications Caddy
• 2 Year Extended Warranty Plan

The Uniden MHS 135 2-channel VHF Waterproof Two-Way Marine Radio is one of the best options on the market today for both performance and durability. If you are looking for a dependable radio that you will never have to worry about when exposed to sea and weather conditions, you will be quite pleased with this model. With unbeatable access to emergency storm information, quick access to emergency services, as well as clear communication from vessel to vessel, the MHS 3135 VHF radio truly has it all.


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