Sportsstuff SpeedZone 1 Towable Tube: Adrenaline Rush!

Get ready for some awesome fun on the water with this one person towable tube. When you want to feel speed with a tube, this one fits the bill. The vibrant colors used make it easy to spot on the water and add to the exhilaration of a high speed water ride. You, as well as family and friend, can get ready for the adrenaline rush that you get from feeling the water beneath you while flying across it. This tube is built to last for people who love nothing better than playing on the water.Click Here for Sale Pricing


Sportsstuff Speedzone 1 Towable

The Sportsstuff Speedzone 1 towable tube has cockpit style seating that places you in a position that is comfortable and safe. This lets you sit back and just enjoy the awesome ride across the water. These one rider tow behind tubes have a an inflated back rest that lets you feel more comfortable for a fast paced ride. It helps to give you more support in an area that usually gets tired first.

The vibrant yellow, red, white and black colors not only look fun but are great for water safety. They allow you to be seen more easily when you are being towed across the water by the person towing you as well as other boaters. Water safety is always of the utmost importance and Sportsstuff has certainly seen to it that you can be spotted more easily. The custom caution stripe safety graphics, double webbing foam handles and the riders use of a life vest gives you the safety gear needed when riding.

When it comes to stable water tubes, the Sportsstuff one person towable tube is one of the top performers. Getting ready for the fun couldn’t be easier than this tube. The materials used are heavy duty so that the tube will stand up to the rigor that you want to put it through. This includes the reinforced tow system that comes with your towable.

The heavy duty PVC bladder inflates quickly and easily. The safety valve makes it faster and easier to inflate and deflate as you need. This decreases the amount of time spent getting ready to get out on the water. The addition of the padded valve cover adds protection for the valve and helps to prevents leaks to this area.

Not only will the ride be awesome but the tube is comfortable as well with the heavy duty double stitched nylon covers the tube and back. Sportsstuff has been in business for many years and believes in the products that they manufacture. When it comes to good wholesome fun for family and friends this is a company that you know you can trust.

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Get yours from Amazon today and get ready for you and the family to have some awesome times with your new towable tube. Take a look at what all the Sportsstuff Speedzone 1 towable tube has to offer now. You will not be disappointed with what you see. Go ahead and create some great memories while having the time of your life on the water.Click Here for Sale Pricing

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