Intex Explorer Inflatable Kayak: Reliable Boat on the Water

If you’re in the market for a change of pace and want to control exactly just how fast or slow you travel, you’re going to have to check out the Intex Explorer Inflatable Kayak.  From the brains of the people who brought you body surfing to the next level, and totally jam packed thrill ride towable tubes, the people at Sportsstuff have chosen to switch it up a bit this time around.  A very fashionable alternative to the real thing, this ocean inflatable kayak offers an easy solution so you don’t have to outfit your vehicle with a rack of some sort or a trailer even.

Intex Explorer K2 Kayak

Instead just take this water inflatable boat out of the package, place it in the trunk of the rear cabin of your preferred vehicle and use all the extra time you just inherited from not having to install a roof rack and go do something else.  Portability isn’t the only bonus of this perfectly designed inflatable canoe.  It genuinely offers riders a taste in not only pace, but in the flow of all things natural.  You’ll be able to coast along when you get tired to soak in the sounds as well as speed up for those youthful races with friends and family.

Product Features of Explorer Kayak:

    • Weighs 24 lbs; 98″ L x 39″ W x 21″ H
    • Low profile for lakes & mild rivers

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If it isn’t already obvious, you’ll get a great cardiovascular workout from this lake kayak, but the best part is that you won’t even realize you’re working your body.  The added health benefits might just be the deal closer for many, but even if you don’t plan or enjoy exercising much, you’ll probably change your mind after experiencing first hand what this single inflatable kayak can do for you.

The Inflatable King of the Kayak

The design staff at Intex really went to town with this kayak.  It really offers quite a punch in terms of functionality and enjoyability.  As you first lay eyes upon the device, you’ll notice the wonderfully positioned cockpit which allows for a proper centering of your body to go along with the kayak.  The cockpit also allows for a tighter but breathable feel and fit.  The backrest is paired with a cushioned leg rest that will make sure your entire lower body is always in the best comfortable position possible.

As with all kayaks, a classic footwell has been incorporated into the design.  This really helps to get you into the mindset of being in a well-designed kayak.  That’s exactly what Intex wants you to believe: that you’re in a river kayak on a journey or adventure to map out and discover hidden waters filled with excitement.  Rest assured that you won’t tire out when on this floating tube.

The full length of the fully inflated vessel measures in at a whopping 98’’.  The paddle that also comes included in the box of goodies measures in at an enormous 7 feet which makes paddling all the more easy.  When you do get tired or want to take a break from the stress of paddling, you can rest your bar conveniently on specifically designed holders.  However we don’t think you’ll ever get truly tired of hopping into this awesome inflatable kayak ever. Click Here for Sale Pricing

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