Sportsstuff Crazy 8 Duo Towable Tube – a Crazy Tube for Two

Sportsstuff Crazy 8 Duo Towable Tube – a Crazy Tube for Two

Waaaaay coooool! This is the best expression to describe the excitement and fun you will have aboard this amazing towable tube. Imagine you and your honey riding side by side or playing follow the leader as you fly along behind the boat in this awesome 2 rider towable. The multiple tow point design of the Crazy 8 Duo towable tube allows you to ride sitting up or lying down, either side by side or one behind the other. Take a look at the product specifications to see the quality of this tube:


Crazy 8 Duo Towable Tube

Sportsstuff Crazy 8 Towable Tube

Product Specifications of Sportsstuff Crazy 8 Duo Towables:

• Inflated length: 75 inches
• Inflated width: 48 inches

Product Features:

• Double webbing foam handles with knuckle pads
• Multi-speed valve for quick inflation and deflation
• Double stitched partial nylon cover
• Durable nylon cover
• Heavy gauge PVC bladder
• Self bailing drain vent
• Reinforced tow system
• Tow rope holster
• Single chamber inflation
• Multiple tow points
Four (4) star reviews on Amazon!

Optional 2K Tow Rope Product Specifications:

• Optional addition to the Crazy 8 Duo Towable Tube
• Designed specifically for towables
• 2 rider tow rope
• 2,375 pound break strength
• 60 foot length
• rope caddy included with every rope

Double the fun

Grab a friend, family member or your honey and ride this traditional round inflatable boat ski tube to new heights. The Crazy 8 has a front and a side tow point to double the fun as it provides you hours of enjoyment and bring out the “kid” in you. The two tow points provide two very unique riding experiences in this 2 rider towable. Couple the flashy graphics and the heavy duty handles and you will this towable is not for the lazy but for the wild and crazy.

Two round tubes in one!

This watersports toy combines two round towable tubes into one tube. The design allows 2 riders to cruise along side by side or pitch and yaw as you fly behind the boat in tandem. All of this fun in the sun at an exceptional value and it looks great, too. The kids can take a ride on the wild side while the more timid can ride in the traditional seated-style as this tube provides comfort and stability. Go ahead and take family and friends for an exceptional day on the water. There will be no boredom in your company while tubing with the Crazy 8.

Is there someone with whom you’d like to cruise the “lazy river” with or take a ride on the “wild side”? The Crazy 8 Duo Towable Tube can help dreams to happen. And, the best part is…shipping is free!  Low Price Guarantee!

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