Sportsstuff Big Bertha Towable Tube: Really Big Fun!

You’re in for the mother of all towable tube experiences and let’s just say the name partially says it all with the Sportsstuff Big Bertha Towable Tube. This beast of a giant towable tube, once inflated will have up to four people screaming and yelling for joy as they experience life over-sized on the cool crisp waters of your vacation destination.  They’ll also squeal like a bunch of little kids in delight as they overload on stimulation sent straight to their brains as they try and take in all the sights and sounds while riding along.  For the record, that’s definitely a good thing, a really, really good thing.Click Here for Sale Pricing

Sportsstuff Big Bertha Towable Tube

Features of Big Bertha:

  • Double webbing foam handles
  • Fast quick connect tow system
  • Heavy-duty partial nylon cover
  • Heavy-gauge PVC bladder with air cushioned floor
  • Inflated Length: 68″ Diameter
  • 4.5 star ratings at Amazon

It is painstakingly obvious why this inflatable Big Bertha water ski tube was made for your family’s needs.  It’s Sportsstuff’s way of acting as part awesome fun giver.  You might even be able to save some hard earned money for alternative towable tube purchases with the addition of this four rider inner tube to your collection of boredom killers.

Really Big Fun

Now something this big must have been built to this size for a reason.  The reason is to dish out large quantities of fun, but in order to do so it has to be made extremely safe.  Rest assured that Sportsstuff has cut no corners.  No, they really went all out.  You’ll notice right away after stepping onto the apparatus that the entire body is made from heavy-gauge PVC and also sports an air cushioned floor.  The air cushioned floor acts as a bonus feature that allows everyone’s toes to feel safe and comfortable at the very same time.

YouTube Preview Image

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Another handy addition to the design of this four person tow behind tube boat tube is the fast quick connect tow system.  Not only does this mean that your rope will be secure for the duration of the ride, it will also shave precious seconds off your time spent in a standstill or maybe in this case a float-still situation.  Rest assured that double webbing foam handles also act as a safety mechanism for your passengers to cling to as they ride this big awesome inflatable towable tube.

Undoubtedly you’ve never seen something quite so large and yet so functional at the same time, which is why you must seriously consider purchasing this item.  It will change the way you view life in the large lane and super-sizing, in this instance, is very appropriate for your health.  Plus, your children, friends, and family will have an enormously good time while riding.  So what are you waiting for exactly? This is one big fish you don’t want to let get away!
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