Sevylor Monster Tube Inflatable Towable – A Real Monster Towable

Sevylor Monster Tube Inflatable Towable 

Can you picture yourself riding in a monster towable tube with two or three of your friends? Or, maybe you’re riding with your kids. Can you feel the sea breezes caressing your face and stroking through your hair? Feel the water as it splashes into your face and everywhere around you. Listen to the sounds of excited laughter and perhaps even some giggling from your fellow riders. What? What is that other sound you hear? That sound can only be that of your own excited giggling as you skim over the waves in your Sevylor Monster Tube towable. What a spectacular ride! Come along with me as we take a closer look at this inflatable towable.

Seylor Monster Inflatable Towable Tube

Product Specs for Sevylor Monster Towable:
• 78 inch diameter towable
• 3 person capacity
• 8 soft handles
• special drain
• inflatable floor for more comfortable ride
• tough exciting ride
• 840 denier full nylon cover
• 23 gauge PVC
• 90 day warranty
• double lock valve
• mini lock valve to lock in air two ways
5 stars – Amazon reviews

Not the Average Towable TubeClick Here for Sale Pricing

The Monster tube is not your average tube, with a 78 inch diameter; this is the biggest “round” tube that Sevylor makes. It is comfortable, too. With an inflatable bottom to make you more comfortable, the inflatable bottom also makes the tube skip across the water, reducing the drag. This monster tube will fulfill its name when you experience the monster ride it provides.

5 Star Amazon Reviews for Sevylor

Roomy enough to accommodate up to three riders, this tube is ruggedly constructed to give you many years of reliable monster fun in the sun. This fact is supported by the 5 star Amazon reviews that this big towable tube has received. Quality is the operative word with fun being a close second in those reviews.

Get Ready for Monster Water Fun

So, get yourself and your family ready for the monstrous water fun that awaits you. One ride will get you hooked forever. Since it is a multiple rider tube, maybe there won’t be a problem deciding who gets to ride first on each trip to the water…or maybe they will all want to ride first. This tube will definitely accommodate them. The awesome ride will satisfy the whole family and all of your friends.

Back to the Daydream…

Now, can you see yourself with friends and family riding this amazing 3-rider boat tube? Can you feel the wind and the water on your face? Can you hear that laughter and giggling we talked about earlier? How about your own enjoyment, are you laughing and giggling as well? This can be more than a daydream. You have the opportunity to make some awesome memories with friends and family that will be priceless and unforgettable. Can you hear the water calling you? I can hear it. The Sevylor Monster Tube Inflatable Towable can help you become a hero among your family and friends – another priceless consideration. Is there a Monster in your future?  Act now!

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