Dive In for Seiko Men’s SKX779 “Black Monster” Automatic Dive Watch

Review Of Seiko Men’s SKX779 “Black Monster” Automatic Dive Resin Strap Watch 

Seiko Men's SKX779 “Black Monster” Automatic Dive Resin Strap Watch

Seiko Men’s SKX779 “Black Monster” Automatic Dive Watch

If you are one of those people that think a dive watch is a just dive watch, and that the only thing that matters is that it keeps time under water, think again! I thought the same thing until one of my dive buddies bought the Seiko’s Men’s SKS779 “Black Monster” automatic dive resin strap watch.

I could not believe how wrong I was about dive watches! There is so much more to these timepieces than simply being able to go underwater and display the time. In fact, there is so much more to this watch than initially meets the eye, that some have been calling it the best dive watch on the market today.

Seiko is one of the top timepiece manufacturers, so it should come as no surprise that they have another winner on their hands with the SKS779 “Black Monster”. This black dive watch is just one of several different scuba diving watch options the company currently offers.  However, the many distinctive features this watch comes equipped with definitely propels it to the top of the class.

Let’s Start Off By “Diving” Into This Dive Watch’s Features

21 Jewel Self-Winding Automatic Movement

This scuba watch comes with a unique, 21 jewel, automatic movement that actually winds itself with nothing more than the motion of your wrist. What does this mean? It means you will never again have to buy or replace batteries, and you will always know the time!

Water Resistant

The “Black Monster” professional dive watch is water resistant in up to an impressive 200 meters, or 660 feet of water. Because of this feature it has actually been certified by ISO standards for scuba diving.

Unique Black Dial Display

Seiko Dive Watch SKX779 closeup

Seiko Men’s SKX779 “Black Monster” Automatic Dive Watch close up

Equipped with a large diameter (45mm), thick (11mm) stainless steel case, this watch has an easy to read display with a black dial, three hands, bar markers, and an English, or Spanish, day and date window. The case is extra durable and features screw down construction. Comprised of a striking combination of brushed and polished metal, the case continues to add to the overall feel of quality. The attention to detail gives the wearer a feeling of wearing a fine precision instrument that could easily be worn with a wetsuit, or a suit and tie.

The black steel SKS779 dive watch also comes standard with a Hardlex crystal that is scratch resistant (and is considered to be better at resisting scratches than other forms of mineral glass, while being even less prone to shattering than sapphire coverings), a one way rotating bezel to help you keep track of time elapsed, and Lumibrite hands, markers, and bezel which allow the user to read the display in any lighting condition. The bezel also sits just a bit higher than the crystal, adding even more protection from scratches.

Watch Bracelet Details

The links that attach the bracelet to the case are constructed of solid steel, rather than a cheaper form of pot or sheet metal that is typically found on other watches in this price category. The pins that attach the bracelet to the watch are exceptionally sturdy, and the bracelet itself is made of a durable resin material that holds up to all types of water, while being comfort molded to prevent digging into the skin. The clasp of the bracelet is also extremely high quality, and quite secure due to being designed with a fold over security buckle and a double button catch. The security buckle closes onto a spring pin issuing a distinct click to let you know the watch is properly latched. Another added bonus of the bracelet is a hidden diver’s extension, which allows the user to position the scuba watch on top of a wet suit.


All Seiko watches are covered by a three year limited manufacturer’s warranty. For more information on this warranty, you can visit Seiko’s site for full details or contact them via phone.

The Reviews Tell The Whole Tale…

For the most part, most consumers of Seiko’s Men’s SKS779 “Black Monster” automatic dive resin strap watch have been quite pleased. Current reviews on Amazon.com give the diver’s watch 4 out of 5 stars.

Here are some excerpts from actual consumer reviews featured on the site:

The Seiko “Black Monster” is making watch history right in front of our eyes…Every collector I know – no matter how expansive or selective – has a Monster in the watchbox.

From the moment you first hold this watch in your hand, you realize it is a quality timepiece. The first thing that strikes you is its large size and heavy feel, yet despite that, it feels comfortable on the wrist due to its fine balance.

I haven’t taken it off since I received it, not even to wear my Rolex!

It is a rugged sport watch that feels solid and substantial on the wrist. The machining is first rate, from the screw-down crown to the smooth turning bezel.

This is a Great watch, even better than I expected. It’s very comfortable to wear and looks good enough to wear every day. Overall a fantastic watch keeping great time with the added bonus of all the functions promised.

What About Complaints?

While the Seiko Men’s “Black Monster” is quite popular and has plenty of positive features, there are a few complaints. The most common complaint among consumers is that it does not keep completely accurate time. Users report gaining anywhere from five to twenty seconds per day. Another complaint, although similar in nature, is that the watch can be difficult to synchronize.

How Much Does The Seiko’s Men’s SKS779 “Black Monster” Automatic Dive Resin Strap Watch Cost?

The manufacturer’s recommended price for this watch is $450.00 USD. Do not let that price tag deter you. You can find much better deal at on Amazon.com where you can buy it for just $178.00!

Divers, boaters, and even swimming pool installers agree, the features and durability of this watch make it one of the best time pieces on the market today. If you are looking for a water resistant watch that will really hold up, the Seiko Men’s SKS779 “Black Monster” really delivers on all of its promises.


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