Rave Sports Warrior III – Torpedo to Fun

Summertime fun for many people has long involved visiting lakes, rivers, or the ocean and playing around in the water. As such, water “toys” have long been in demand. Skiing, wakeboarding and other such activities have been enjoyed by many. Perhaps the best form of fun in the sun however is the kind you have when flying along the water on a towable tube.

Rave Sports Warrior 3 Recumbent 3 Person Towable Tube

Why play by yourself though when you can enjoy this fun with others? Take a look at the Rave Sports Warrior III and you will see exactly how much fun can be had. This Rave Sports tube is one outstanding torpedo shaped towable. Rocketing all around the lake with a couple friends will offer hours and hours of fun for years to come.

Features of Rave Warrior III Tube:

One extremely cool feature of the Squadron III is the trademark Rave Tail. This tail has been designed to throw up a huge spray behind the tube. It will look like a speeding torpedo flying across the water with people holding on for all its worth. Rave Sports knows just how to provide a killer tubing experience for everyone. Another outstanding benefit of these towable tubes is the quality that goes into their manufacturing.

Top Notch Fun

One thing that turns many people off of the idea of such an investment is the fear of the product not lasting any amount of time. When it comes to Rave, this shouldn’t be a concern at all. The bladder is made from heavy duty PVC that has been covered with heavy duty polyester. There are three separate air chambers as well as a Boston Valve. This means that airing up and deflating are both just as simple. No more waiting for hours just to get your tube into action.

The seats are equally as handy. All three are contoured and inflate as well making them super comfortable. These combined with the trademark Skim-Fast bottom and the quick connect tow point all equal up to one outstanding towable tube. All you will need is someone to drive the boat and a couple friends to ride and you will have a ton of summertime fun.

The care and upkeep of your new towable will be rather simple. By getting it good and dry after each use and keeping it out of the sun and weather when not in use you will have a tube that will last for years rather than just a couple of summers. Also, in the event of an accidental puncture make sure that you use only the recommended patch materials. Any others could lead to a possible malfunction and void any warranty.

Log dimensions: 45” W x 100” L

Why settle for a slow drag around the lake when you can harness a towable tube missile with up to two other friends and blast your way across the water? Hop onto the Rave Sports Warrior III today and you will soon be screaming and having a blast. Click the link now to get your new 3 rider boat tow behind today!

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