The Rave Sports Ravenger Boat Tow: Fun for All Ages

The Rave Sports Ravenger Boat is great for all ages, but the smaller children seem to love it the most. It will make you the greatest person known to the smaller kids. With this Rave water tube you will be the hit of the family. Children and adults alike will have the time of their life riding in the hydro boat.

The Rave Sports Hydro Boat Tow

The Rave Sports Hydro Boat Tow

Rave is a company from Minnesota the land of 10,000 lakes and it shows. Their take on water toys demonstrate their understanding of what it takes to have fun while on the water. It’s not just fun for the adults but for the whole family. They are a family and friends oriented company that strives to produce quality products that are safe as well as fun.

Having been in production since 1998 they have a firm grasp on the meaning of fun. Not only do they produce the toys but they test them with their families and friends. You can be assured that the quality of this Hydro Boat is the best that they can make it. No one would put their families at risk unless they felt that it was safe.

What Do You Get?

The Hydro Boat will provide a lifetime of memories that your children, family and friends will have. That is something that is very important especially with all that is happening in the world today. Water sports are a great way to stay physically as well as mentally fit.

For the money the Rave Hydro Boat is a great buy. The price of the tube includes the Hydro Boat tow as well as a PVC repair kit for just in case. No matter how careful you or the kids are having a PVC repair kit along is always a great idea. Things do happen even with the best made products. The tube is made of a heavy duty PVC with a 600 Denier polyester cover w/ Skim Fast™ bottom for a soft ride.

It takes about 5 – 10 minutes to inflate with a good pump and deflates just as easily. This allows you to transport it to and from the water without problems or mishaps. The cockpit has an inflated floor for comfort. There are also four molded vinyl handles for holding on to when in motion. The only other piece of equipment that you will need to purchase separately is the tow rope. Be sure that it is the correct tow rope for this tube to prevent safety issues.


This is the tube to buy for a wonderful time with your family and friends. The will have a wonderful time and want to go again and again. Get them out of the house and onto the water, buy one today. Great savings can be had in the cost of the tube plus you get free shipping.

That is a hard deal to beat by anyone’s standards. Don’t believe then it is time that you go and look for yourself at the Rave Sports Ravenger Boat Tow. You will agree that it is the one to have.  And remember Shipping is Free!!

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