Rave Sports Cobra Towable: Different Type of Water Reptile

Water sports are always an adventure no matter what form of craft you choose to use. Some versions and types of crafts can be rather hard to assemble, carry, or maintain. However one of the easiest, most reliable types of crafts is a inflatable towable tube. These come in a variety of  sizes, shapes, and also number of persons that can ride on these crafts. For a couple who love to go out on the water by themselves, a one person towable tube is ideal. There are quite a few one person towable tubes on the market today, but you want to find something truly unique and fun

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The Rave Sports Cobra towable boat tube is a great choice for a one at a time towing experience. It is versatile in the way you can ride it, easy to inflate, and made for comfort this craft is made for fun and sun. The construction of the inner bladder is top notch and so is the cover. The connection is super easy to use, and the over all design of the towable tube is definitely distinctive.

The Cobra takes to the water moving swiftly through waves and wind as though it really was a water reptile. When you ride this inflatable tube either in the regular position or on your knees on the super comfortable bladder on the tail end of the tube, a striking cobra appears slicing through the water. It is truly a awesome thing to see with your own eyes.

So Funny So Easy So Great

This inflatable is so easy to inflate and deflate because it comes equipped with a top end Boston type air quick air fill/release valve. All you need do is hook it up to a pump either foot or electric, turn it on and there you go. Deflating is even easier.

The body of the one person tow behind tube is made out of heavy-duty PVC bladder that is covered in nylon that is just as tough. These two layers make this Rave product one hard piece to pop or pierce. So you can be assured that it will hold up.

Rave has made this inflatable a pleasure to ride an easy to hold on to. On all the grips the Cobra comes with rope covers made out of super comfy EVA pads that help prevent chafing. This is a great safety feature especially if you have delicate skin.

This is a one person tube but it still allows plenty of room for that single rider to boogie across the water and feel the wind in your hair. When inflated the Rave Sports Cobra measures 70” x 57” x 21″, so you have room to move around.

There is a one year warranty available for this item to insure against manufacturer defects.

Take a look at the Rave Sports Cobra one person tow behind boat tube today and see what adventures you can find out on the water with this great tube.

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