O’Brien Celebrity 68” Waterski Combo – Make it a Family Affair

O’Brien Traditional Combo Water Skis

Is your family one who enjoys spending lots of hours on the water? Do you plan your summertime fun around the weather and trips to the lake? Do you use your boat to pull towables to maximize your fun in the sun? Well, then, let me ask you one more question…I ask you, have you considered water skis? I know, you’re going to say that you would have to buy a pair of skis for each family member so that each one has the correct size bindings. Wrong! The O’Brien Performer waterski combo allows multiple family members to enjoy the fun, regardless of their differing sizes or level of expertise. Let’s take a closer look at this product.


O'Brien Celebrity Combo water skis

O-Brien Traditional Combo Water Skis

O’Brien Waterski Features and Benefits:

• This waterski combo is designed for the whole family.
• A standard in design, the universal performance makes it comfortable to use while learning or launching a massive spray.
• The hull is designed with a flatter and faster rocker line that reduces drag; thus allowing more hours of skiing with less fatigue.
• The binding is adjustable, ranging from 4.5 to 13 to accommodate different aged and sized riders.
• It is designed for the beginner rider through the intermediate rider.

If your family is already enjoying the awesome fun that can be experienced with any of the O’Brien towable tubes, then you’re already half way there. Imagine watching your son or daughter learn a new skill. Can you see the determination on their faces? Can you see how much fun they are having in the process of learning to waterski? Imagine the pride you will feel when they take to the skis, launch a massive spray and maneuver themselves behind the boat, defying traditional water fun.

The Celebrity combo is one of many products made by O’Brien. The O’Brien name is well-known for its attention to detail, quality workmanship, quality materials and cutting edge designs. All of this means that you won’t go wrong by purchasing an O’Brien product. If you are the proud of owner of other O’Brien products, then you are already familiar with the quality and durability.

The O’Brien can give you and your family many hours of excessive fun in the sun for many years to come. You might even have the opportunity to watch our grandchildren train on your Celebrity 68! You can expect to get to know the neighbor’s kids better when they get a peek at this water ski combo or when your kids boast and brag about how much fun they are having every weekend. You could become the most popular Mom and Dad on the block!

Don’t you think it is time to try another type of water sport? Haven’t you always admired water skiers as they careen back and forth, creating huge sprays, while being pulled along behind the boat? So, what is stopping you? The O’Brien Traditional Adult waterskis combo can open the door to a new variety of water based fun in the sun as well as enable you to spend even more quality time with those you love.

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