Full Throttle “Wake Shocker” Towable: A Tube for the Fast Lane

Full Throttle “Wake Shocker” Towable Tube

Are you looking for a towable tube that will accommodate adults but be enough fun to satisfy the kids, too? Are you interested in a screaming ride on the wild side? I think you will find instant gratification in the Full Throttle “Wave Shocker” towable water tube. This is truly a tube deserving of the fast lane designation. Let’s check out the product specifications so that you can see what a quality product it is.

Full Throttle Wake Shocker Towable Product Specifications:
• 72-inch round enclosed tube
• Heavy duty PVC material for durability and softer ride
• Heavy duty full nylon outer cover
• Two-way Boston air valves for easier inflation and deflation
• Designed for up to three riders
• Soft neoprene pad for rider comfort
• Six nylon covered handles for secure grip
• Neoprene knuckle guards for increased protection and comfort
• E-Z connect towing harness allows for convenient tow rope hookup and better pull
• One year warranty
• Box includes small repair kit and Schrader valve adapterClick Here for Sale Pricing

Versatile Ride

This 3-rider tube is one versatile ride. You can have a nice stable ride or you can easily skip across the waves like skipping a rock over the water. Either ride will be exciting for adults and kids. This tube can be as much fun for adults as for the kids so don’t let it fool you. Make sure you get your fair share of ride time.

If you or anyone in your family is into combat tubing, then this tube will definitely fill the bill. It will catch the air to flip over or jump over other towable tubes even with older youth or adults on it!

5 Star Amazon Reviews

This dependable towable is getting rave reviews at Amazon. The reviews reflect experiences from families with older and younger kids as well as experiences from young adults getting together for some serious fun in the sun. The Full Throttle is highly recommended for the high quality and rugged construction as well as for the wild, splashy fun and competitive design component.

This is probably one of the most versatile towables that you have seen in a while. The graphics command respect and the ride provided will please riders with a variety of riding goals, whether they are looking for a stable ride or a wild, competitive one. This tube has it all and then some. You’ll probably be the most popular parent on the block when the word gets out that you know how to have real fun.

The time spent with friends and family is a priceless commodity. How much of it have you shared lately? Maybe it is time to make more memories with those you love. Make them exciting ones with the Full Throttle “Wake Shocker” 3-rider towable boat tube. Click Here for Sale Pricing

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