Aquaglide Spitfire 3 Person Towable: Thrill Ride for Three

The Aquaglide Extreme Inflatable Towable will have you and two of your friends hanging on for great fun.  Maybe the name gives it completely away, maybe it even paints the most vivid picture you could envision in your imagination, but quite possibly this three person towable tube could be the best thrill ride you’ve ever been on.  Although you won’t be able to “spit fire’ per say, you’ll undoubtedly feel the red hot fun being experienced by you and two friends.

Aquaglide Spitfire 3

Aquaglide Spitfire Extreme Towable Ski Tube 3 person

Aquaglide Extreme Inflatable Towable Tube features:

* Accommodates 3 people
* Rapid inflate valve
* EVA rash guard
* Quick connect towing attachment
* Full wrap cover
* Ultra wing
* 1 Year warranty



With this particular model you’ll experience the water like never before.  While lying flat on your torso and gripping the handles like you’re pretending to be the man with the red cape himself, you’ll fly or float across the water leaving spectators in the dust.  Of course you’ll also be able to notice your excitement build as you float effortlessly on top of the serene cool waters.

Flaming Hot Fun

This three person towable tube from Aquaglide was designed with the idea of one purpose in mind, and that is for maximizing the overall fun output.  Of course during the fun-making process, the engineers at Aquaglide also managed to add in some valuable safety features.  Take for instance the comfortable hand grips placed conveniently at the top of the tube to increase the surface that you lie upon.  This makes for a more comfortable ride because of your ability to get your entire body on this inflatable.

Of course the ability to accommodate three riders comfortably is a major feat in itself, but don’t overlook the rapid inflate valve that this amazing water tube comes with.  Basically it means that you’ll be able to hook up any pump with the appropriate attachments and get this Aquaglide Extreme water sports tube ready to go in no time flat.  You can also get your friends and family to blow it up using good old fashioned hot air, although they might give you a piece of their minds afterwards.

While lying comfortably across the top of this tube, you’ll also notice the EVA rash guard designed to allow your fingers to fit snugly into place as you hang on.  Another added bonus feature of this ride is its quick connect towing attachment which makes it simple for you to hook this up to your boat very fast.  The full wrap cover is intended to increase the durability of this towable tube because you’ll want it to last for a long time.

With all this said, it’s no wonder why more and more people are going out to purchase this wonderful water tube.  It offers fun for the whole family and definitely catches the attention of not only the riders but of the spectators because of its vibrant and dazzling reds, blacks, and yellows.  Don’t think too long because supplies just might run out and you’ll be out of luck.

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