Aquaglide Spitfire 1 Rider Towable – Ready, Set, Go!

People who love water sports or just playing on the water will love the Aquaglide brand. This towable is a wonderful way to get out there and feel the thrill of moving fast while being close to the water. Having the right and safe unit to be towed at a fast speed is important. This company understands the needs of the customer and meets those needs as can be seen with this towable tube.

The Aquaglide Spitfire one person towable is an excellent example meeting customers’ needs while on the water. Only the highest quality materials are used with this product to help ensure safety and durability. For example, heavy duty PVC is used in the construction of this towable water tube giving it a longer life and increased durability. The PVC is then fully covered with 840d nylon for increased safety, performance, and comfort when riding.

Aquaglide Spitfire 1 Person Towable

Aquaglide Spitfire 1 Person Towable

Aquaglide Spitfire 1 Rider Tube Features:

  • Accommodates 1 rider
  • Rapid inflate valve
  • EVA rash guard
  • Quick connect towing attachment
  • Full wrap cover
  • Ultra wing
  • 1 Year warranty

EVA rash guard gives you some protection when riding this one person towable tube. It is used in the areas that are most likely to come in contact with the cover such as the knees. This greatly cuts the chance that you will have a skin burn from your exciting ride on the tube. Add the neoprene grips with EVA knuckle guards for even more protection to the skin. If you have ever had a carpet type burn then you know why this is important to protect susceptible areas.

Ready- Set- Go

One of the most frustrating things about water toys is the fact that it takes you so long to get them ready. This is especially true when you have a lot of young ones raring to go. That isn’t a problem with the spitfire because it has a rapid inflate valve. You will be ready to go quickly and easily.

The rapid inflate valve has a large opening so it is easy to connect to an air source. Aquaglide uses a one way valve. This prevents the towable from accidentally deflating when you are attempting to inflate it. It also makes it easy to deflate when you have finished for the day. Just connect your pump and watch it quickly deflate.

The Spitfire measures a generous 58″L by 60″W by 9″-6″H (taper). This means that the one person towable inner tube has room to get comfortable and move. The use of a quick connect attachment means that you will be hooked to the boat in no time flat. Disconnecting is as easy when you are ready to go home at the end of the day. The color of this inflatable towable makes it easy to see in the water so that you can keep an eye on it when pulling behind your boat.

Go ahead and get yours today so that you can plan on your next trip to the water. When you are up for the action this towable tube is ready for you. You will have the best fun and a great ride. Take a look at the Aquaglide Spitfire one person towable now to see what it offers. You will love all that it has to offer for great fun.

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