Aquaglide Syncro 2 Person Towable – Blast Off on the Water

There is just a certain something about towable tubes that screams out offering thrills and chills. No matter if it is the super speeds that you love so much or the outstanding air you can grab, finding the right tube can offer you one phenomenal summer for sure. This is especially so when you like to enjoy the time you can spend with close friends while out on the water. This is why finding the right towable tube is so important.

One company has exactly the tube you are searching for; the Aquaglide Syncro 2 Person Towable. This wild towable tube will help you get out there on the water, screaming in fun and holding on as tight as you can. You and a buddy will be side by side, whipping through turns and busting through the wakes like it’s nobody’s business. How does this sound for a good time?

Aquaglide Syncro 2 Person Towable

Aquaglide 2 person towable

Aquaglide Nitro 2 Rider Product Features:

  • Rapid Inflate Valve – offers the best possible combination of high air volume and ease of use.
  • UltraWing – features beveled side wings for maximum stability and performance over waves and wakes.
  • SpeedSkin Base – specially coated fabric used on the sliding base will enhance speed and reduce friction.
  • EVA Rash Guard – protection against abrasion provided for knees, knuckles and other sensitive areas.
  • Quick Connect Towing Attachment
  • Free shipping on Amazon

The Syncro 2 person will leave you with a grip like you wouldn’t believe after going through hair raising turns and big air. It is no wonder Aquaglide chose the name Nitro for this style of towable tube. You will feel as if nitro itself is coursing through your veins as you enjoy every thrilling second out on the water while with family and/or friends. Don’t worry too much though. Aquaglide has you in mind. The patented UltraWing will help you stay firmly in control.

Not Your Mommy’s Towable Tube

Aquglide Syncro 2 person towable tube

Not only will you get great comments from all who get to see or even possibly try out your new Aquaglide towable. You will also have a killer “toy” that can last for a great while with just some simple, easy to do care and upkeep, much of which involves common sense. The Nitro has been created using heavy duty PVC, 26 gauge. It also features a 600d polyester and 840d nylon cover that is anything but wimpy.

The cover is even a full wrap meaning there is a greatly reduced chance of cover failure unlike some lesser competitors. Aquaglide is known for its attention to the details that make their towable tubes so great. From the Rapid Inflate Valve to the EVA rash guard each detail has been carefully chosen to help create the most awesome and enjoyable ride ever.

Just think, no more worrying about skin abrasions on your knees or hands. Also, no more worrying about the time it takes to get aired up and on the water. You will be out zooming across the water in little to no time at all. Why settle for some cheaply made little towable when you can get something incredibly affordable and enjoyable all at the same time?

Make the right choice and get the one that will last for as long as you want. The Aquaglide Syncro 2 Person Towable is the perfect way to show all you friends and family a good time. Go right now and take a look at all this outstanding towable has to offer today. You will be glad you did.

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