Airhead Slash II Towable Tube: Steer Your Way to Fun

The Airhead Slash II Towable Tube is and quite possibly one of the nicest and easiest to pilot two person inner tubes available currently on the consumer market.  You’ll instantly notice its sleek design that emphasizes its ability to cut through water effortlessly.  The striking color schemes also draw your focus to the large and noticeable Airhead logo emblazoned directly onto the vinyl.  It seems that Airhead has turned its attention to fashion and function, or perhaps a better choice of word pairing is the “cool” factor.

Slash II Steerable Inner Tube

Airhead AHSL-32 Slash II Towable

Features of the Airhead Slash II Tube:

    • 2 person inner tube
    • 58″ x 48″ deflated
    • 30 gauge PVC bladder is fully covered with 840-denier nylon
    • Kwik connect attached for quick hook-ups
    • Boston valve with 4 nylon wrapped handles with neoprene knuckle guards
    • Plastic fins sewn onto the side for carving turns in the water
    • Free Shipping with Amazon Prime
    • 4.5 stars on Amazon reviews


This steerable towable tube definitely gets attention, but for all the right reasons.  Of course if you go way back to the early days of towable inner tubes, you might get sepia toned visions of simple black doughnuts with a rope tied around it and if you listen hard enough you can almost hear the rag-time black and white music accompanying the slow and uneventful ride.

Fast forward to today and it almost seems unfamiliar because Airhead has brought its “A” game and removed the stops.  Your friends and family might remember the old days, but the placement of good will be linked with the future good old days instead.  You can double your fun, and you’re guaranteed to double your pleasure and overall usage of this tube.



Engineered for Excitement

The current offering from Airhead was really designed for easy access and usage.  With the slightest change in division and shift of weight by each rider, the direction changes and passengers will instantly feel the water splash their faces while they can hardly control their delight.  It’s that easy, if you want to corner to the left, you and your buddy lean to the left, the same easy to use concept is for a right corner as well.

The open-back design makes for a quick exchange of riders.  Airhead specifically did this to reduce the maximum time when trying to get back on the tube or just switching friends and family out.  The vinyl once again is high caliber heavy duty and double stitched with 840-denier nylon.  The reason for this is to create a more rigid floatation device that will respond to the commands and whims of its riders.

The familiar Boston valve once again makes an appearance for easy inflating and deflating procedures.  I should also mention that although your knuckles might turn white due to the fact of all the fun and excitement you’re having on the water, but they will not feel any pain or bruising because the handles on this bad boy are designed for comfort; this is where the neoprene knuckle guards come in so handy.

If you’re still unsure about whether or not to purchase this fun ride, you shouldn’t.  Just go out and get this towable steerable tube and your friends and family will be having a blast with you in or on the water in no time.

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