Airhead Matrix V2 Water Towable Tube – Excitement Defined

Imagine this scenario: you have a day at the beach planned. You load the family and all the beach toys from years past into the family car and away you go for a day in the sun. You arrive at your favorite beach location and unload your beach stuff, find a good spot on the sand and set up camp. As you begin in inflate that old rubber inner tube that you’ve used for years, the kids call something to your attention. They’re watching a boat pulling a raft at a pretty good speed. Notice how the raft bounces and pitches back and forth while the waves are splashing crazily around it. The people on the raft, you notice with some dismay, are having the time of their lives…laughing and smiling widely. You look down at your water toy relic and, suddenly, the idea of floating and splashing around in the shallows in it really isn’t as appealing any more.

Airhead Matrix V-2

Now, imagine you and one of your kids in that raft, flying along behind the boat with the wind and the water in your faces. The Airhead Matrix V2 Water Towable Tube can provide this excitement for you and your family. Since you have a friend with a boat and he has invited you and your family to join them sometime, why not tow you on the Airhead?

Summary of Features and Specifications:

  • U-shaped winged towables roll way up on edge when riders shift their weight, making the towable a joy to tow; they slide effortlessly across the wakes.

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  • Thicker at the front to prevent submarining and thin at the back to allow for easier access from the water.
  • Deluxe handles have neoprene knuckle guards.
  • Two oversized neoprene pads are strategically located to protect knees and elbows.
  • Durable 3- gauge RF welded PVC bladder is completely wrapped in double-stitched 840-denier nylon.
  • Heavy duty Kwik-Connect provides easy hook-ups.
  • Boston valve makes it easy and fast to inflate and deflate.
  • Inflated size: 80” x 64”
  • Capacity: 2-Rider Towable

Are you ready for adventure and excitement? You could be gliding smoothly over the waves and wakes on an inflatable towable that will roll way up on edge as you and your partner shift your weight. Can you believe that you are really in control of your ride? You can make it as calm and routine as you like…or you can charge it up by weight shifting to pitch back and forth to add excitement.

The durability is unmatched in 2-rider water sports and is state of the art with no expense being spared in the design and components used in its construction. The accessories for your boating tube are listed below and are of the same quality and durability as the Airhead itself.

  • Air Pump – It is simply the best performing 120 volt air pump available. It boasts of unprecedented speeds of inflation and deflation, with peak pressure of 2.5 PSI.
  • Tow Rope that has 2 sections giving you the option to be either 50 or 60 feet behind the boat depending on wake and water conditions. The rope is pre-stretched UV resistant 7/16 inch diameter, 16-strand rope that exceeds 2,375 pounds break strength as required by the WSIA for 2-rider tubes.
  • Tow harness that creates a tow attachment point at the center of your boat, behind your outboard or stern drive if your boat isn’t equipped with a pylon or ski eye.

Are you ready to rock and roll? An Airhead Matrix V2 Water Towable Tube can make it happen.
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