Airhead Hexsanity Towable Tube – Ride with Waves Beneath your Wings

Airhead Jet Towable Tube – Ride with Waves Beneath your Wings 

When was the last time you flew with waves beneath your wings? Close your eyes, sit back, relax and imagine a beautiful sunny summer day. You and your family are sitting on the soft sand of the beach in the warmth of the sun. You are sipping lemonade and that fried chicken that you brought for lunch was just perfect on the beach. Nice picture…right? Now, imagine that your buddy just walked up to your beach space and invited you and the family to take a ride on his boat…”it’s just right out there”, he says, pointing to a boat anchored not far from shore. Of course, the kids are jumping for joy and begging you to agree to join your friend’s family on the boat. What have you got to lose? Why not just get up and join the group and enjoy the day on the water? You agree and everyone wades out to the boat and they climb board. What your friend didn’t mention was the fact that he has a Airhead Hexsanity 2 person towable tube that he wants you to try out.

Airhead Jet Towable Tube

Kwik Tek Airhead Jet Towable Tube

Check out the products specifications below to get a feel for the quality:

  • Inflated dimensions: 85 inches H x 77 inches Wide
  • Wrap around backrests for sitting or kneeling
  • Dual tow points
  • Patented safety valves
  • Weight: 10.87 pounds
  • Amazon 5 star review – free shipping with Prime

Product Features:

• Holds up to 2 adults
• Nylon covered inflatable surface
• 8 deluxe handles that provide plenty of options for hanging on
• Handles are equipped with neoprene knuckle guards
• Boston valve for easy inflating and deflating

Getting back to the daydream…

Now that we have created the scenario for you, let’s make it more realistic. As a responsible parent, you certainly can’t allow your children to ride this wild looking inflatable tube without first testing it yourself, now can you? Of course not! So, the first two riders are going to have to be you and your friend…so he can show you the “ropes” of the ride. You board the towable water toy, grab two of the 8 assorted handles and tell your friend you’re ready to ride.

The next thing you’re aware of is flying and bouncing along on the waves from the wake of the boat; you’re jetting from side to side effortlessly whether the boat is traveling at a slow speed or revved up to give you the ride of your life! Your friend tells the boat driver to slow down and stop for a minute. He recommends that you get out of the sitting position and lie down for the ride. This done, the boat takes off again and the ride begins to get even wilder. The water is spraying and splashing in your face and the winds blow through your hair as you jet from side to side and bounce merrily along behind the boat.

The ride is over

Then, your ride ends and the kids clamor for their turns. Are you ready to relinquish your seat on the Airhead towable water toy? Are you ready to become a spectator in this fantastic water fun? Do you feel confident that you have thoroughly tested this inflatable tube for all possible “dangers” for the benefit of your family’s safety? I thought not. Just one more time around the lake….

Don’t just hate it when you awaken from a dream when it is just getting good? This doesn’t have to be a dream. It can be a reality for you and your family. The Airhead Hexsanity 2 person towable tube can help this dream become a reality. And, the best part is…the shipping is free, with a Low Price Guarantee! Go ahead…take the plunge (pun intended).

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