Airhead Hot Dog Towable: Boat Tube for Three

Forget Oscar and any other thing that might conjure up visions of tube-shaped food, because the Airhead Hot Dog Towable will undoubtedly have your friends and family wanting more and more and still more.  They’ll all be able to fit on this leisure conversation starter piece as well as cruise the water in an unforgettable style. 

Airhead Hot Dog Towable Tube Features:

Kwik Tek Hot Dog Inflatable Towable

Kwik Tek Hot Dog Inflatable 3-Rider Towable Tube

* 3 rider hot dog themed towable
* 30-gauge vinyl air chambers are fully encased by double stitched 840-denier nylon cover
* Heavy duty Kwik Connect makes rope hook ups super easy
* Equipped with Boston valve for quickly inflating and deflating
* Dimensions: 96″ l x 44″ w
* Amazon 4.5 rating out of 5!

You might just even have to start charging admission because you’re definitely going to be quite popular if you aren’t already because this hot dog themed tow behind water tube will get everyone’s attention in no time.  It’s a great way to meet new people as well as create a perfect weekend afternoon that is shared with friends and family that won’t be forgotten for years.

No Lack of Fun Here

This particular Airhead offering also lets you triple the amount of fun to be had on those hot summer days spent enjoying all that Mother Nature has to offer.  There are potentially three spots available for 3 riders to enjoy.  While they are enjoying this great ride, they’ll all be able to grip onto deluxe nylon wrapped handles that were designed specifically to give riders a comfortable handle to grab hold of.

Airhead also took the time to make sure the vinyl used on the entire flotation device will last for quite a while.  The heavy duty Kwik connection is also definitely a bonus in terms of speed and ease so that you’ll be able to hook and unhook this three person towable hotdog within a matter of moments.

Making another appearance in the long list of features is the Boston valve that speeds up the process of inflating and deflating significantly and substantially, although a pump is recommended for the task.  This entire hot dog measures up to a 96” lengthwise and 44” wide, making it an easy and comfortable ride as long as they can keep straddling it while being towed at break-fun speeds.


The featured reviews are all positive.  People have pulled the hot dog towable with their jet skis and powerboats.  It can handle small children to grown ups – male and female!  It is heavy duty and will stand up to normal usage.  One writer reminds us to make sure both sides are equally inflated, and that it is easy to inflate and deflate.  It will provide a lot of fun to all riders.

When thinking about purchasing a hot dog themed inflatable towable tube, look no further than this latest offering from the people at Airhead.  It will deliver a lifetime of fun that will have your friends and family all calling you as well as counting down the days till summertime again.

The hit to your wallet also won’t be that significant either, but then again who can truly put a price on happiness and fun that’s great for the entire family?  Stop hesitating and just go get yourself this awesome inflatable towable hot dog tube because your friends and family are guaranteed to love it and you!


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