Airhead G-Force Water Towable Tube: Made for Maximum Fun

When the warm weather approaches, the call of the great outdoors will be getting your attention.  How long do you think you’ll be able to hold out from picturing yourself on the lake whizzing by on a towable tube? The cool breeze in your hair and the water splashing up all around, but most importantly, the smiles on the faces of your friends and family?  It’s something we look forward to every year, especially when our choice for tubing includes the Kwik Tek G-Force towable.  

Kwik Tek Airhead G-Force Water Tube Features:

Kwik Tek Airhead G Force Towable

Kwik Tek G-Force Inflatable Tube

* Inflatable 3 person flotation device
* 6 deluxe nylon-wrapped handles with neoprene knuckle guards
* 30 gauge virgin PVC bladder with 840-denier nylon cover
* Measures 72″ x 62″ (deflated)
* Heavy duty Kwik Connect for easy hook-ups
* Boston valve provides inflation and deflation convenience
* Free Shipping available
* 5 star customer reviews at Amazon!

If you’ve never ridden upon an Airhead G-Force Water Towable Tube before then you just haven’t experienced just how much fun life on the water can be.  Of course you’ll be able to bring your best friends and family along, because as a 3-rider, this tube really triples your enjoyment of the water.

When the thinkers and makers at Airhead went to the drawing board with this one, fun was definitely on their minds.  This amazing towable tube is a three person flotation device that does so much more than float.  It will have you flying over the water at break neck speeds or slow drifts (it’s completely up to you), but undoubtedly it will have you, your family, and your friends always wanting more.

G-Force Water Towable Tube

Airhead G-Force Water Towable Tube

Customer Reviews

The reported reviews rate this towable with 5 out of 5 stars!  Comments have ranged from comfortable for both adults and kids; controllable, glides fast, sturdy, and stands up to normal, and then some, wear and tear.   There were several comments about the ski tube “submarining” when the boat started to tow, but can easily remedied by sliding back at the start.  Of course, some of the kids think that is the fun part!

Manufactured for Maximum Fun!

Perhaps the greatest characteristics of this three person towable tube are its dedication to details, thrills, and safety all at once.  Combined within this great package are six deluxe nylon-wrapped handles that come conveniently with neoprene knuckle guards which are perfect for giving your hands a break while you’re hanging on for dear life.

Of course there’s still much to mention and rave about with this towable tube; for instance, its heavy duty Kwik Connect for effortless and simple hook-ups.  What this does in particular is that it allows for users not have to deal with complicated safety mechanisms or devices, but instead have the self-assurance that Airhead has taken its role and duty as a practitioner of water safety very seriously to the max, and just concentrate on enjoying the water instead.

Measuring at a whopping 72” x 62” deflated, you can get an idea of just how much space each rider will have.  This tube will definitely accommodate comfortably.  Again, Airhead has used a Boston valve for easy access to inflation and you’ll have your G-Force Water towable tube up and floating very quickly.  Of course, I might suggest purchasing a good quality pump to speed up the process.  The flipside of course is that the Boston pump also enables you to deflate the tube after usage quite rapidly.

So what are you waiting for? Go get yours today and you won’t regret it!


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