Airhead Breakout Wakeboard – Are You Up to the Challenge?

Airhead Fluid Wakeboard – Are You Up to the Challenge?

Awaken the thrill seeker in yourself as you skim across the boat wakes, deftly negotiating hairpin turns and curls, as you ride the wakeboard behind the boat. Can you feel the wind blowing through your hair? Can you feel the water splashing and spraying across your face and body? Can you feel the thrills as those familiar tingling sensations vibrate through every nerve in your body? Can you feel your heart pumping and the adrenaline flowing to heighten every single sensation as you grip the tow rope and fly behind the boat? It just doesn’t get much better than this! If you have never experienced a wakeboard ride, you are in for an exceptional experience. The Kwik Tek Airhead Fluid Wakeboard is your ticket to thrills! Feel free to check out the product specifications below, I’m sure you’ll see the quality of this product.


Airhead AHW4026 Fluid Wakeboard with Grind Binding

Product Specifications for KwikTek Airhead Fluid Wakeboard:

  • Wakeboard for intermediate to experienced riders
  • 6″ dual thruster for hold & tracking
  • Round end profile with beveled perimeter
  • Designed for riders from 90 to 170 pounds
  • Removable center fin
  • Side fins are curved & angle outwards
  • 4 star Amazon reviews
  • Free prime shipping on Amazon

Wakeboarding at Its Best

If you’re unsure exactly what the term “wakeboarding” means, you’re not alone. This is a fairly new waters sport, having its beginning in the late 1980’s. It is basically a hybrid sport that morphed from surfing and water skiing. It involves riding a small water surf board while being pulled behind a motorized boat. You are riding the wake from the boat and you can use this boat wakeboard to do tricks like curls and hairpin turns as the boat maneuvers in the water. There are many levels of user dexterity and it is exciting to watch as well as participate.

Click Here for Sale PricingThe thrill level comes from the ability to “control” the board with your body movements coupled with the movements of the boat to ride the wake or ride in the air above the wake while turning and revolving and flying along behind the boat. You can start by simply riding the board behind the boat at slower speeds and, as you learn to use simple motions and shifts in body weight to maneuver this boat wakeboard, your excitement and thrills will increase exponentially along with your skills.

While this water sport is not necessarily for the timid or weak of heart, it is a sport that you can learn and develop your skills. The “floaty” nature of the Airhead boat wakeboard is designed to help riders of all skill levels excel at the sport. It comes with two fiberglass reinforced nylon fins that help to keep it stabilized in the water to provide excellent tracking. The design of the Breakout also delivers smooth transition through turns and a consistent pop off the wake. The rounded end profile and beveled perimeter provide a forgiving and consistent release off the wake. This water sports toy is designed for riders weighing over 150 pounds and will provide performance that is unprecedented in any board with this price tag.

Of course, you’ll need bindings to hold you on the board! Kwik Tek makes a number of different types and styles of bindings with which to attach your feet to the wakeboard. They are high quality products that offer a degree of versatility for your wakeboarding experience. The Airhead Fluid Wakeboard with Grind bindings go together perfectly to create the ultimate wakeboarding experience.
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