Sportsstuff Water Sports Helmet: Safe & Stylish

Finally, Sportsstuff has created a Water Sports Helmet that doesn’t scream sore thumb.  It doesn’t take much for you to want to forgo the simple yet very conventional and protective device that has helped saved lives.

Let’s face it, people just don’t like wearing them unless they’re forced to.  For many water sport enthusiasts, they choose to opt out of having to wear an embarrassing water skiing helmet, but not anymore.  Sportsstuff has hit another home run with this water sports safety helmet.

Sportsstuff Water Sports Helmet – 60-5000

Water Sports Helmet Features:

  • For tubing, water skiing, and wakeboarding safety
  • One size fits most
  • Aerodynamic drain/cooling vents
  • Impact resistant outer shell
  • Adjustable impact absorbing inner shell
  • Adjustable chin strap

It’s ideal for a variety of water sports and won’t have you asking the captain on deck to find a more secluded venue to ride around in.  You’ll even find your children, and perhaps even you, strapping one on and just taking sneak peeks of yourself in the mirror to make sure that you are in fact wearing a helmet.Click Here for Sale Pricing

Safety has Finally met Stylish

This Sportsstuff helmet has been made specifically to suit the safety needs and standards for tubing water skiing, and even wakeboarding.  The multi-sport inclusion makes for an easy sell because you’ll be able to maximize your hard earned dollars into purchasing quality that should last you for quite a bit of time.  This particular water safety helmet also comes conveniently in a one size fits all, most meaning you shouldn’t run into any sizing problems where you’re unable to find a suitable head safety device.

The safety features include an impact resistant outer shell which provides ample reassurance for riders of all types of equipment.  You’ll definitely be able to go all out and do crazy tricks, and have the comfort of knowing that your most prized and largest muscle, your brain, is snugly and properly protected by this water safety helmet.  Conveniently positioned air vents along the aerodynamic shape and body of the helmet allow for breathing to take place which in turn makes sure that you won’t be a complete sweaty mess with helmet hair and all.

The hardness of the outer shell is contrasted effectively with an adjustable impact absorbing inner shell.  This inner shell provides the tight fit and contouring of shape to mimic the size of your cranium so that you can protect your entire head.  The cushioning is also designed to ensure a snug but comfortable fit at the same time.  The chin strap well, is a chin strap and its adjustable lengths will also allow for multiple sized heads to fit in with very little problems.

So go out and make sure to pick up this one size water sports helmet because your friends and family will have no problems or hesitations about putting this one on and wearing it with style!Click Here for Sale Pricing

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