Sportsstuff Sumo Splash Guard: Splash Away the Wake

Sportsstuff Sumo Splash Guard is the ideal companion for those just newly introduced to the world of sumo towable tubes or for those who are a bit hesitant to jump right into the fray of unbridled splashing water goodness that is to be expected from each ride.  Finally, an alternative to a full frontal assault of fun has been developed by Sportsstuff to allow for more people to try out this revolutionary body boarding contraption that has many people simply dropping their jaws in disbelief.
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Sportsstuff Sumo Towable Tube with Rope Handle and Optional Sumo Splash Guard

Features of Sportsstuff Splash Guard:

  • Optional addition to the Sumo Towable Tube with Rope Handle
  • 6 double-webbing foam handles with EVA knuckle pads
  • Inflatable wrist/armrest
  • Sleek splash-deflecting design will keep the spray out of your face
  • Dimensions:  29″L x 16″W
  • Free Shipping

Through time you might even find yourself enjoying the ride more and more.  You can look at this very easy to use splash guard as a set of training wheels for sumo towable tubes beginners.  It offers an easy solution that will have more and more people itching to try on the sumo suit for the right reasons.

The Sumo Trainer 101

Needless to say, Sportsstuff has ensured that quality continues to happen with every aspect of their consumer products.  This tow behind tube splash guard is no different.  Its construction consists of six double-webbing foam handles which are made even more comfortable with EVA knuckle pads.  These grips allow for people of all ages and sizes to get a more comfortable position when holding onto the splash guard.  These handles should also allow riders to have even greater control on the direction that they travel in as they acclimatize themselves to the wonders of the sumo suit.

Also designed into this convenient sumo towable tube splash guard is a very nice hand/arm rest that enables riders to tuck themselves in nicely and at the same time rest their arms in an ergonomically reinforced position.  Of course the name does give away the final usage and intended purpose of this splash guard and that is to effectively block and deflect the amount of spray that your face might come into contact with.  This of course greatly raises the full enjoyableness of the ride itself which should at the same time entice more riders who are a bit apprehensive to get into the proverbial saddle.

All in all this product is another win-win situation for riders looking into trying the full fledged fun of body surfing without having to endure the side effects right away.  So if you’ve got family a little hesitant or claiming that the sumo suit is just too intense for their liking, purchase this wonderful attachment and tell them that they can now regulate just exactly how much fun and thrills that they want to handle.  Pretty soon you’ll have made a believer out of another rider.Click Here for Sale Pricing

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