Sportsstuff VIP Sportstube towable Tube 49″ – A Great Beginning

Sportsstuff Sportstube 48 inch Towable Tube

Imagine the wind blowing through your hair and water spraying across your face as you fly across the waves in your awesome inflatable towable tube. It is a beautiful sunny day on the water and your and the family are relaxing and playing together. The fried chicken picnic you had on the beach tasted so yummy. It just doesn’t get better than this!

Sportstube Towable Tube 48'

Sportstube VIP Towable Tube 49″ 5 star Amazon reviews

Is this a scenario you’d like to experience? Many families are experiencing exactly what is described above, and they are doing so each and every weekend. These families have made an investment in a towable tube and now, they are making wonderful memories with their children and friends. The Sportsstuff Sportstube Towable 49 “ is a product that can help YOU accomplish this as well. Here are the product specs for this awesome tube:

Sportsstuff 49″ Tubes Product Specifications:


  • PVC molded comfort grip handles
  • Heavy-gauge PVC bladder
  • Heat sealed seams
  • Safety valve
  • All components have special -25°C cold-crack additive


  • Inflated length: 49 inches in diameter

Exceptional Value

This single-rider Sportsstuff tube is probably the most economical way to get started tubing in style. These tubes are an exceptional value, having been made with an inflated floor and all PVC construction with seams that have been heat sealed to provide a heavy duty product that you can enjoy for many years to come.

Fun for Adults and Kids

It is large enough to accommodate an adult but not too large for a child, supporting weights up to 170 pounds. You can lay in it and lounge languidly as you are being gently pulled behind the boat for a wonderful relaxing afternoon in the sun…or sit in it to skim and splash wildly across the waves while being towed at higher speeds. The experience can be amazing for either venue.

Expand Your Fun

Add the 2K tow rope to the package and you have given yourself the opportunity to expand your sizzling fun options! By adding the tow rope, you have introduced the ability to handle Sportsstuff tubes with multiple riders. The more people you get out of the boat and into the water, the more fun can be had by all.

Optional 2K Tow Rope:


  • Designed specifically for towables
  • 2 rider tow rope
  • 2375 pound break strength
  • 60 foot length
  • Rope caddy included with every rope

Win-Win Formula

Imagine the hours of enjoyment ahead of you and your family when you begin your tubing experience. You can spend quality and fun time with your kids and even their friends, now, while they are young and you can build strong family connections that are priceless in the grand picture of life. They won’t be kids forever, Mom and Dad, and now is the time to spend that quality time with them.

Fun in the sun is healthy, too, for everyone involved. The exercise is beneficial as we all know, and most of us do not get enough for good health. The vitamin D in the sunshine is needed by everyone, too. Fun in the sun plus good healthy exercise plus quality family time…sounds like a win-win formula to me.

So, I ask…isn’t it time to start making some wonderful memories with your family? Isn’t it time to get out of the boat and into the water and go tubing in style? The Sportsstuff Sportstube Towables Tube 49” is a great way to get started. Oh…lest I forget…as an added feature…the shipping is free! So, what are you waiting for?

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