Sportsstuff Megavoice Megaphone – Make Yourself Heard!

Get your point across this summer wherever you happen to call your vacation destination with the Sportsstuff Megavoice Megaphone.  Whether you’re on the beach, the boat, or even while on both, you’ll be able to make sure you’re voice and opinions are heard loud and clear.  This lightweight compact megaphone is something that every vacationer who enjoys water activities should have in their survival kit.

Megavoice Megaphone

No longer will you have to strain your voice to get the attention of loved ones; now all you have to do is simply push a button and voila, everyone, whether they choose to or not, gets to hear the melodic tones of your soothing voice.

Features of Megaphone:

  • Emergency siren
  • Voice range: 0.2 km
  • Folding handle for easy storage
  • Shock and weather resistant with rugged hi-impact construction
  • Ideal for water safety and sporting events.
  • Takes 4 C Batteries, not included

It offers a very easy way to make sure that your children can definitely hear you no matter where they have roamed.  Of course to their disdain, they might just happen to roll their eyes a little more often, but when it comes to safety, the message has to be heard and can never be too loud.Click Here for Sale Pricing

On the flip side of the equation, parents might have to contend with the possibility of this hand-held megaphone falling into the reaches of their children who’ll then have every opportunity, until caught, to dish out some retribution.

More than Loud Enough

On the technological and electronic side of things, this portable amplifier has enough of everything to allow its users to get the word on the street out to the entire city.  This particular hand-held megaphone has a decent range of 0.2 km and a respectable battery life depending on usage of eight to ten hours.  The microphone that allows you to beckon across the water and sandy beaches is unidirectional, which means that your voice will come out loud and clear.  It also means that your voice will carry like a single beam of sound to its intended recipients no matter where they might be.

Design wise, Sportsstuff has done a tremendous job on making this megaphone something that is sporty, functional, and long lasting.  If you begin with the physical and visual aspects, the bright yellow and orangey-red create a contrast that works harmoniously with its loud sound capabilities.  The handle is also quite ingenious in that it lets you fold it up making storage solutions easier to create.  It does come with the standard hand strap as well.

Perhaps the best part of this product is its indestructibility. Sporrtsstuff has taken the time to make sure this waterproof megaphone can withstand the most brutal treatment possible.  It is ready right from the box, prepared to withstand abuse of the dropping kind and all the elements and tricks that nature can dish out.  An added bonus is the helpful one-button emergency siren.

So make sure this summer season that you’re prepared with everything for every type of situation.  Be sure to purchase this megaphone which makes getting through to your children even easier than picking up a phone and dialing.  Now you don’t even have to shout because all you need are 4 C batteries and you’re ready to rock and roll.Click Here for Sale Pricing

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