Sportsstuff Kidz Kooper Towable Tube – Kid Sized Water Fun

There is an exciting new line of towables for kids. And, why shouldn’t there be? We adults have many inflatable water tubes at our disposal for our enjoyment but what about the kids? They deserve the same fun as their parents but designed with the “kids” mindset.

Sportsstuff has taken “fun-sized” to a new level in this line of kids’ water toys. Sportsstuff Kidz Kooper Towable Tube with backpack offers your child the same excitement as adults have but with a kid’s flair and added safety. The design of this inflatable water tube is that of a race car, complete with a clear PVC windshield, checkerboard play mirrors, authentic racing graphics and safety bucket seating.

Sportsstuff Kids Kooper Towable Tube

Sportsstuff Kids Kooper Towable Tube

Summary of Features and Specifications

  • High visibility custom graphics
  • Heavy gauge PVC construction for smooth riding
  • Comfortable air cushion floor
  • Deep cockpit seating for secure riding
  • Clear PVC windshield splash guard

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  • Over-sized construction for fun, secure riding
  • Heavy duty PVC quick connect tow system
  • Heavy duty PVC contoured molded handles and Travel backpack
  • Patented speed safety valve for fast inflation and deflation
  • Inflated length: 77 inches
  • Inflated width: 64 inches
  • Inflated height: 29 inches

Your kids will love riding along behind the boat in their own Sportsstuff water toy. This is a 2-rider towable toy that will have all of their friends begging for their turn “behind the wheel”. Girls and boys alike will delight in competing for the “checkered flag” in this brightly colored Kidz Kooper.

Heavy Duty Construction

The attention to detail in the design and construction of this towable for kids is amazing. This towable toy is constructed of heavy duty materials with attention given to heavy duty seam construction to make it durable and safe for the precious young occupants. The design of the deep cockpit seating is quite different from the comparable adult towable, providing for a more secure and safe ride for your kids. Because it is constructed with high visibility graphics, there will be less opportunity for “blending” with the environment. This provides yet another safety feature.

There is an optional 2K tow rope to use with this inflatable water tube and it is the perfect rope to compliment any of the 2-rider towables in Sportsstuff’s line up. Getting more people out of the boat and into the water – what a grand idea!

Here is a summary of the features and specifications of the 2K tow rope:

  • It is an optional addition to the Kidz Kooper Towable Tube.
  • It is designed specifically for towables.
  • It is a 2-rider tow rope.
  • It has 2,375 pound break strength.
  • The rope is 60 feet long.
  • There is a rope caddy included with every rope.

Sportsstuff has managed to combine an unbelievable number of safety features into the design of this inflatable water tube while still maintaining the fun and adventure that even the smallest of humans seek. How about it, Dad? Don’t you think it is time for some excitement and adventure for the kids, too? The Sportsstuff Kidz Kooper Towable Tube with back pack with Optional 2K Tow Rope would totally fill the need.  Order Today – shipping is FREE!
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