Sportsstuff 6K Tow Rope

When it comes to offering your family the most fun on the lake possible, there is no denying the power of a water sports towable tube. From single rider models to larger multiple rider ones, there is such a wide variety of choices that everyone will easily find a favorite. There is one piece of equipment, however, without which a ride across the lake wouldn’t even be possible. This is one piece you may not have even given much thought. It is the tow rope.

6 person tow rope

When it comes to choosing an outstanding one, you can’t go wrong with the Sportsstuff 6K Tow Rope. Why purchase a rope from a company that knows nothing about water tubes when you can get this one from Sportsstuff, one of the hottest manufacturers in towable tubes today? Life vests can help keep you from drowning, and ear protection can help reduce noise from the boat’s motor. This 6K Tow Rope is just as useful. It will help to prevent injury by being highly resistant to breakage.

Features of Sportsstuff Towable Tube Rope:

  • Designed specifically for towable boat tubes
  • 6 Rider tow rope
  • 6100 pound break-strength
  • 60 foot length
  • Rope caddy included with every rope

Imagine whipping through a turn just to have your tow rope snap. You could go flying across the water at a bad angle leading to injury. Also, the wrong rope could snap under pressure from carrying too much weight. It can then come back on the riders leading to injury as well. By choosing the correct tow rope you will avoid such injuries and help ensure everyone has the best time of their lives.

Fun In The Sun

 A ski rope has been designed with a single rider in mind. There is typically a handle that the skier holds onto. It is definitely not designed for use with a water sports tube. This 6K Tow Rope on the other hand has been created with multiple riders in mind. With a break-strength of 6100 pounds it can handle up to six riders safely and comfortably. It is very heavy duty which allows it to handle the rigors of use on the water.

At 60ft long, this tow rope is long enough to allow riders to safely clear the carbon monoxide fumes that can be present behind a boat. At the same time, it also allows for the maximum play in the line possible for getting that killer wake busting action that everyone loves so much. Sportsstuff designed this particular tow rope for 4 to 6 riders. It is made to hook up to many different models of the company’s boating tubes.

Whether you hook up to a chariot, a banana-style, a donut or more you will be able to rely on your new 6K Tow Rope to last time and time again. There is no reason to settle for a little single rider tube when you can get everyone out on the towable toy at once.

  • Rope caddy included with every rope

The Sportsstuff 6K Tow Rope is outstanding for multi-rider towable tubes. Sportsstuff has the experience and skill to produce top notch towable ropes. Why trust the safety of your riders to any lesser competitors? Check it out today and take advantage of the outstanding pricing and free shipping!


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