Sportsstuff 4K Booster Ball Towable Tube: Look Ma, No Wake!

Sportsstuff 4K Booster Ball Towable Tube 

If you’re at the end of your rope in more ways than one, a viable solution would be to go and pick up the Sportsstuff 4K Booster Ball Towable Tube.  This buoy attaches between your towable tube and the boat, and will keep the tow line tight for tubing at faster speeds by reducing the spray and drag that normally occurs.Click Here for Sale Pricing

Sportsstuff 4K Booster Ball

Summary of Features:

  • Enhances the performance of most regular towables
  • Heavy-Gauge PVC bladder
  • 840 Denier full nylon cover with zipper
  • Tough 2 inch webbing
  • Exclusive patented speed safety valve
  • Double stitching and reinforced stress points
  • Self bailing drain vent
  • Designed for 1 to 4 person towable
  • Free Shipping available
  • 4.5 star ratings at

This wonderfully designed extension should not be considered a mere chord, or lengthening device of any sort.  In fact you should toss out that notion right now at this very moment in time.  Instead you might consider this buoy for tow behind tubes as somewhat of a regulating machine.  What it does brilliantly is allow your towable tube to experience less wake and more side to side movement and swinging.

This added smoothness and swiftness to the ride itself greatly increases the enjoyment of each rider in values not measurable by pure statistics alone.  By enhancing the fun levels of your riders, you’ll experience quite a variety of good feelings all throughout the day from your friends and family.  Just imagine a world or better yet, a complete afternoon where there are no complaints or quarrels, just pure fun and smiles from ear to ear.

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It’s quite possible in reality to achieve these goals with this beautifully designed towable tube transom for boating.  The roughness of the day will be ironed out just like the results of the wake.  In its place will be fun, fun, and even more fun.  So there’s very little reason to turn down this extension attachment because of what it does in the long run, and that’s help you enjoy your outdoor day even more than ever.

Look Ma - No Wake! 4k Booster Ball

Length Definitely Counts

This extremely well thought out attachment has made Sportsstuff just that more popular in terms of quality and dependability.  Its main purpose in life is to enhance the performance of your towable tubes and it definitely achieves this goal with flying colors.  The buoy itself consists of a heavy-gauge PVC bladder and an 840 denier full nylon cover with zipper.

This basically means that the extension buoy is going to last you a long time.  The buoy also has an exclusively patented speed safety valve allowing users to pump this boat transom pulling device up in a matter of moments.  Not only does this buoy minimize wakes for towable tubes, but it also comes with double stitched reinforced stress points.

You should be reminded that this device is meant for a one to four person towable and that these measurements and safety mechanisms should be followed thoroughly.  Overall this attachment is a good investment for making your ride along the water that much smoother.  So go ahead and look for one and you won’t be disappointed; otherwise, you’ll just have to continue adjusting your speed to decrease or increase the wake depending on what exactly it is that you want to achieve on a day on the water.


  1. […] the booster ball after the recommendations. Got this one: Sportsstuff 4K Booster Ball Towable Tube | Too cool. Looking forward to trying it […]

  2. Jane Warren says:

    Hi – sorry I missed your comment.
    It’s made by Sportsstuff – just click on the picture in this link, and it will take you to Amazon.
    Can buy from them.

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