Sportsstuff 3.0 PSI Electric Pump

When you have inflatable items such as towing tubes or air mattresses then Sportsstuff 3.0 PSI electric pump is for you. This electric pump takes the work out of getting all those toys or air mattresses filled with air. It doesn’t take long before you realize that using a bicycle pump to fill a large item with air is just too much work. You are tired before you ever get to play.

Sportsstuff 3.0 PSI Electric Pump

Sportsstuff 3.0 PSI Electric Pump

This is an electric pump that can meet all of those needs for inflating water toys and even air mattresses. Not all electric pumps will inflate those big tubes that you pull behind a boat completely. A 12 volt will do most of the work but you will still have to use a hand pump to finish off the job. This means that you are still working when you are ready to play.

This Sportsstuff 3.0 PSI electric pump is 110 volt.  This pump has a high volume, low output that will get the job done for you right quick and in a hurry. That means that you will be out on the water playing before most can even get their tubes inflated. This is exactly what most people are looking for when they want an electric pump. It comes with three nozzles and deflates as well as inflates.

Filling a Towable Tube

You may be asking “how much air do I need to fill a towable tube?” This is an important question and can make the difference in safety, gas usage by the boat and wear and tear on your tube. The PVC material that is used for towable tubes is made to stretch. The tube is full of air when it is taunt or tight usually. If the tube has a cover then that cover needs to be wrinkle free. You can test to see if your tube is tight enough by having an adult stand on it. When the adult is standing on it the tube should sink no more than a couple of inches.

If the tube is underinflated there will be some definite problems. The tube could even rupture and cause serious injury to someone. This is because an underinflated tube sits low in the water and is dragged through it rather than being pulled across the top. When the tube is underinflated extra pressure is placed on the tube, the rope stretches and it also takes more gas to pull the tube.

It is important that you have a towable tube properly inflated. To properly inflate your tube, buy the best today and prevent under inflation problems with possible injuries. Most inflatable towable tubes require only two PSI but with this super electric pump you get three PSI. Proper inflation is important to the life of your towable tubes.

You want to have fun not worry about problems. By buying the best now you will extend the life of your tube. Take a look now at this great Sportsstuff electric pump at a wonderful price to see just what it can offer.

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