Rave Sports High Pressure 12V Pump: Get Attached

If you’re unfamiliar with the Rave Sports High Pressure 12V Pump, then you, my friend, have clearly been in the dark for quite some time now.  You might be part of the many outdoor enthusiasts who every year tend to debate with themselves whether or not to upgrade their decaying, outdated, and obsolete pumps.  The question that probably comes up the most while having this intense battle of wits securely within the confines of one’s mind is that there’s nothing wrong with the old one, and it still runs like it did 20 some odd years ago.

Rave Sports High Pressure 12V Pump with Alligator Clips – 02344

Summary of Features:

* High pressure pump with alligator clips
* Volts: 12
* Color: Black
* Free Shipping

Stop imagining what it might be like without your old pump and start knowing what life is like in this modern era.  After all, time is about everything that we don’t have an abundance of and the more time you spend with your family and friends, the more quality time it is in the long run.

Pumping with Power

Now we wouldn’t want you to rush out to your local boating goods store or click online and spend your hard earned money without at least giving you some of the great specs this beautifully crafted high pressure pump for toys has, so read on.  The first thing that is going to jump out at you is the set of alligator clips that comes included with this pump.

This is Rave’s way of making things as versatile and pain-free as possible.  With the use of the alligator pumps you can now attach this high pressure pump for tubes to your car battery, or boat, and pump away to your heart’s content without having to run inside the house to locate an extension cord of some sort.

Rave Sports has also included a heavy duty reinforced hose that comes with five easy adapters designed to be compatible with a variety of connections so you won’t be trying new techniques of maintaining suction during inflation.  The hose itself has been created to be very strong and sturdy, meaning this hose won’t collapse during inflation or deflation.

This particular high pressure pump for airbeds also packs 12 volts of power.  This roughly translates to this pump for inflatables being able to withstand each and all the vigorous tasks that you might throw its way during your weekend jaunts to the lake or entire vacations at the beach.  So don’t wait to decide about whether or not you need a new high pressure pump because if you’re already asking yourself, it can only mean one thing: you need a new pump.

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