Rave Sports Double Action Hand Pump: TimeSaver to Fun

Normally when you think of a hand pump, you think hours upon hours of grueling manual labor, but luckily the Rave Sports Double Action Hand Pump is going to enlighten and re-educate you on just how “handy” a hand pump can be.

Rave Sports Double Action Hand Pump – 02341

So you’re probably thinking to yourself at this very moment in time, remembering every hot summer that you’ve had to endure where and when you didn’t happen to have a trusty, flick-on-the-switch pump, and you’re tired and fed up with hand pumps.  But the truth and fact of the matter is that you’ve never quite come into contact with a hand pump so revolutionary before.

Features of Rave Sports Double Action Pump:

  • Double – action air pump inflates and deflates
  • Pump capacity is 68 gallons / 60 strokes
  • 5 – foot accordion – style hose interlocks to pump
  • 4 universal valve fittings allows versatility in pump use
  • Includes pump, hose and valve fittings
  • Color: Black

Time to Pump You Up

This particular hand pump by Rave is quite sneaky and tricky in the sense that it does two jobs while only really causing you to have to do one.  Meaning that this superbly designed hand pump for boats will pump air as you maneuver up and also when you happen to press down.  This of course translates to quicker inflation rates achieved in shorter amounts of time.  Hold on though, don’t just stop at boats:  this pump is also designed as a hand pump for airbeds and a lot of other water fun accessories that you might have stored away just waiting to be experienced all over again.

Another great feature that this hand pump for toys was designed with is the five foot accordion style hose that makes life pretty flexible in terms of being able to reach all those tricky angles might happen while inflating up tubes and aquatic toys for you and your family.  The versatility of this pump also doesn’t end where the hose stops. This high pressure hand pump comes included with four universal valve fittings that allow you to hook this baby up to a variety of brands and devices, meaning that you’ll always be able to find a compatible attachment for all your pumping needs.

Perhaps the greatest part of this pump is its capacity.  This particular Rave Sports Double Action hand pump comes in at a whopping 68 gallons of air per 60 strokes.  If you’re not too impressed with the numbers, then be impressed when you’re on the water having the time of your life with your family and friends instead.  So don’t wait any longer if you’re looking to find an easily transportable, multipurpose hand pump, because the folks at Rave know that these pumps aren’t going to last long on the shelves.

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